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Yes and it’s ridiculous, people need to relax, am pretty sure one or two new games will come out this year, for example (FH5).

I still think Starfield is coming this year haha but that is because for the RPG

Starfield 2021 Avowed 2022 Fable 2023 InXile 2024

This thread is basically ProgStopper VS The Rest




Lightning Duel GIF by Gladiators Let’s have a duel :fist_right::fist_left:

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I swear, it looks like they’re standing on giant thumbsticks from an elite controller


Microsoft needs like, 15 double A studios or something, the wait between AAA games is only going to get longer this generation. They need something to fill the gap between these behemoth triple A games.


If Avowed is next year a trailer this year really isn’t unreasonable. And Sponger did say this too.

But Jeff Grubb said it’s still far away so we shouldn’t expect it. Far away is not 2022 in my view, but who knows. I really don’t mind at all seeing a trailer for a game that release longer than a year later. It has happened before, hope this doesn’t stop Xbox of doing so.

Personally, im expecting Flight Simulator in August, Wolfenstein III in September, Forza Horizon 5 in October and Halo Infinite in November. Four Xbox/PC exclusives. Three out of the four being cross-gen with Xbox One.

For 2022, im expecting Starfield in March and Hellblade 2 in Spring/Summer. Both current generation only.

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That’s exactly what it is. Imagine treating the news that AAA take years to make as some grand revelation! If that’s “new” to you you haven’t been gaming for long. These people know what they are doing and are not as slick as they think they are.

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Microsoft is going to start churning out 2-3 games a year starting late this year lol. I dont think WE should be worrying.

Most casuals do. But not everyone thinks every game needs to look and play exactly the same.


It just depends on people definition of far away. To some a game 1.5 years away can be considered far away.

thats why they bought Bethesda. there is XGS Publishing that may come with some surprise “AAA”… :smirk:


Looking at this GIF reminds me how terrible John Walker looks as Captain America in FatWS, but after Friday’s episode, I think this was done on purpose.

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Yep, that’s true. But if it’s not at E3 this year, I don’t know but I’m gonna prepare for the very real possibility it’s not 2022 when Obsidian gets to shine.

I agree. Any big game that’s releasing in 2022 SHOULD be at this e3. If it’s not there I’ll assume it’s 2023 or later. If they show gameplay for anything I’ll be confident that it’s coming before 2023.

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Kinda surprised we don’t have a thread for WandaVision or Falcon & Winter Soldier here. Or Mandalorian