The Falconeer, Fantasy Air Combat coming to Series X. Updates and news

Hi Everyone,

There’s a few threads I keep up to date with news and such, from development of the Falconeer. I’d love to do the same here. And I’ll start of with the new “the Path” trailer that was released the 23rd

For those who aren’t familiar, the game is a fantasy take on air combat within a open world. Combining a classic Crimson Skies style campaign with an open world to explore and in which the action takes place. You play as the rider of a giant warbird in a mixed-technology world (so no magic).

Here are some recent dev updates: Here’s a recent wallpaper celebrating I got (with some help) shadows to run on transparent water surfaces, something that’s a bit of a last gen difficulty, but is now running.

and offcourse some gifs

The game takes place on an ocean world, but not an “regular” ocean. In some places gravity warps and bends, with the biggest example being the giant rift across the world, called “the Maw”

Combat is a very important aspect of the Falconeer, if not the most important :wink: And inspirations range form Crimson skies to Tie fighter, with the intent for the player to experience epic battles unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The game features a camera mode, (I use all the time to create these gifs) , been playing with some DOF fx , and it gives it a satisfactory diaroma feel.

The core style for the game can be described as minimalist, I’m not interested in super detailed worlds, to me seeing a pebble or the definition of a rock weathered scientifically, well lets just say it doesn’t appeal to me…, But I need everything to look epic, and every landscape emotive, and every transition polished. The falconeer might be stylized, but its not lacking in polish or next/current gen tricks to create atmosphere, volumetrics and believable lighting. As you can see in for instance the transition here from the title screen to the main menu.

For those wanting to learn more, follow @falconeerdev on twitter or join the discord


I absolutely loved your last trailer. I wished the ID@xbox reel was longer. It’s looking amazing.

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Hurry up and finish Tomas. We need this ASAP please

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anybody know why my gifs were downgraded to links, as they are externally hosted?

Probably size is the reason, cause forum first tries to download them locally and save on server. If they are bigger than allowed size (4mb) then just converts them to links. We will address this issue!

aah cool

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I’m there say one Tomas! Can’t wait!

@FalconeerDev I still can’t believe you do this all on your own. Greatest respect for doing it in that quality! Impressed a lot!


Awesome. Quite excited for this

I really love the creative art style. Nothing like it on the market. As someone who’s craving a Crimson Skies experience, do we feel like this will quench that thirst from a gameplay standpoint?

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This is exactly what I’m hoping for as well. It’ll be great to at least have a flyer not set in the real world for a change.

@FalconeerDev Your gifs are restored now!


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I think storywise, as well as the structure and open world will make it will feel different, and perhaps unconventional.

That said I think the “feel” off it , is quite crimson skies. That smooth, jump in and fly, feeling with good camera controls. Think it will appeal to crimson skies fans.


Wishlisted it on Steam. Looking forward to it.

Game looks fantastic, can’t wait to play it. Also, always happy to see someone mention Crimson skies as well, lol.

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hahaha is that allowed on an xbox forum :wink:

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Just following Microsoft’s steps here! :wink:

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