The Falconeer, Fantasy Air Combat coming to Series X. Updates and news

Looks so good. My boy loves games with animals as well so that’ll keep him happy.

Even if you shoot them? :stuck_out_tongue:

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He doesn’t care at his age. Caught him shooting deer in Just Cause 3 yesterday “cause they were on the enemies side”. :laughing:


Every time I see something from this game, I get more and more intrigued.

Gamers first :slight_smile:

Please keep us updated @FalconeerDev, the game looks really interesting!

Thank you Tom for providing such a beautiful game, you will have my money on day 1!

Artstyle is amazing. The game looks fun.

So it’s definitely there on launch, @FalconeerDev?



Love the artstyle of this game! Good knowing it will release in the same window as the XSX :slight_smile:

Health and family willing yes…

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Great news, thank you! :green_heart:

TBH, if it’d mean crunch for you and the team, I’d rather wait!

I’ve now got QA and Porting assistance through the publisher, and things are progressing well. It’s looking good.

But the world is a strange place right now, and we’re slowly isolating back in over here as well, seeing as we’re in the beginning of a second wave over here as well.

better safe than sorry :wink:


Absolutely. Stay safe and healthy!

The falconeer is one Indie title I am really looking forward to

One of my most anticipated games… Looks great!

Hey man, I’m really looking forward to your game!

I have a silly question that I don’t know if you can answer: what does it take for you or any developer to get its game page up on the Microsoft Store? For example, The Medium is already up for pre-order on the Microsoft Store. Why can’t I preorder or even wishlist your game or most of the indie games that come out on Xbox?

I can’t go into details on store releases and pre order dates.

But these dates vary quite a bit, Some games are earlier than others. it’s just the way things are. :wink: