The Falconeer, Fantasy Air Combat coming to Series X. Updates and news

Yessss! The game looks incredible. Thanks for bringing this to Xbox!

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Been interested in this game since i’ve first seen it months ago. Might get a physical instead of a digital copy now

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Potential exclusive game lineup for launch?

  1. Gear Tactics
  2. CrossfireX
  3. The Medium
  4. The Ascent
  5. Call of the Sea
  6. Falconeer
  7. Flight Sim 2020

No Halo hurts my heart, but I’m ok letting these other titles have room to shine, assuming they make it in time.

Really excited for this title. Doesn’t look like anything else out there, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Best of luck in these final months!

thanks everyone,

And its also the first time I’m acknowledging that it might go further than 4k60… (its looking pretty good so far,)

And honestly AAA games that go 30fps , I cannot believe it, 60 fps is the bare minimum , honestly I can’t even look at a menu in 30fps… :wink:


The Falconeer looks phenomenal can’t wait to play, its a next gen show piece for sure

Looks awesome. I saw the DF feature on your game a while back and it’s been on my radar ever since.

There has been a serious lack of vehicle combat games. Most that we get are shoved into another genre like being made a rogueike or an MMO. A return to crimson skies/rogue squadron style flightgames (or some hypothetical alt universe where Lair was good) is long overdue and I have had this game on my radar for a long time.

Is it on gamepass or should I star saving up?

Your game sounds better and better every day.

This looks really fun!

Ohhh, I didn’t knew that it has combat. I thought it was more of story experience, like Journey or stuff like this.

Well, I was hyped already, but it seems my hype has achieved a new… clears throat… HIGH… Huh?! Right guys!?

sorry :frowning:

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Combat is an integral part of it. There is a single player campaign divided in four chapters.

Just wrapped the recording of 18000 words of spoken dialogue with a steller cast led by voice director mikee Goodman(Sikth) who also worked on disco Elysium.

I’m not a real fan of exploration or relaxation games and the one thing I expressly didn’t want to make was a walking sim in the sky.

The inspiration very much is crimson skies with a dash of tie fighter.

So loads of combat.:wink:


Ok now you have my attention.

Tetris Effect: Connected

I think it’s a good list. Yeah, there isn’t a AAA punch, but all these games seem interesting. I hope they highlight them all at the next Showcase.

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This one is not on Game Pass, correct?

Tomas hasn’t confirmed anything one way or the other.

The potential for 120 though… :ricardo:

Does the game has some kind of flying mechanics like in Battlefield 5? I mean flying upwards will slow you down and flying downwards will increase your speed?

Any idea when the physical copies are up for pre-order?

Exactly this, but with dashes and rolls style actrobatics… it’s smooth and until you flick it, sort of throwing the bird around with your stick.,


Nice!!1! I probably spent 90% of my time in Battlefield 5 inside airplanes and love to dogfight. So this game does kind of the same but in a whole new environment/story.

A bit of a milestone, the final location created for #theFalconeer. Nothing left to tease that isn’t a story spoiler. And onward with the final phases of production. and delivery. November is looming large, time to fly.