Xbox + Bethesda E3 2021- June 13th @ 10AM PST/1PMEST/6PMBST- Pre-E3 Discussion Thread!


What do YOU think Xbox will show at E3? What games will be there. Will they announce any major acquisitions? Will there be a lot of third party Game Pass deals? What will be the biggest surprise? What will Bethesda show? Post anything you reasonably expect to be at the show!


Just please don’t suck.

There’s so much pressure on Halo right now.

Please don’t suck.

Please have an exclusive JRPG.

Please don’t suck.

Announce the Kojima thing.

Please don’t suck.

Show off the first Glimpse of Starfield.

Please don’t suck





What is this… some kind of Crackdown?


hmm they will announce 1-2 studios


make it turn based


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Hellblade 2 gameplay.

Halo Infinite deep dive.

Forza Horizon gameplay.

Global publishing tease.

Various gamepass announcements.


Make It So Star Trek GIF

That’s without mentioning an in depth presentation of Starfield by Todd, at the Bethesda event.


Phil will wear a fresh shirt with a picture of his shelve.


What if E3 is live from his office, and each item on his shelf is a game in the show!?



I’m just copying and pasting my prediction from the other thread. No changes yet for me.

Firstly, the Xbox show will be ninety minutes followed by an hour of Bethesda. There will be a pre show where we will see things like a Sea of Thieves update, Minecraft Dungeons update ect. I also believe that before June we will have updates on Grounded, Flight Sim, and Psychonauts. Fable and Perfect Dark will be absent.

The show starts by saying everything seen will be day 1 on Gamepass.

Show opens with a new Halo Infinite demo that shows campaign and multiplayer with multiplayer flighting coming this summer.

Following is the gameplay reveal of Everwild. No prediction as to what this is but I’m excited to see it.

Battlefield 6 will be shown. New footage separate from the May reveal.

Back4Blood is shown off.

Tunic is back and has a release date.

Forza Horizon 5 revealed with release date. Set in Japan.

Compulsion game is revealed. Will be one of the coolest things seen that nobody talks about.

The Gunk is shown with release date.

Leads into an ID@ Xbox sizzle reel.

Capcom reveals a new Lost Planet (this is not exclusive)

The first XGP game is revealed and its Ninja Gaiden by team Ninja

Hellblade 2 gameplay is shown. It’s similar to God of War in the aspect of new weapons or abilities will allow you to access new areas of the map. Not open world. Slick action.

Avowed gameplay teaser. It won’t be much but it will be something.

The Persona series joins Gamepass

The second XGP game is revealed to be Banjo by Playtonic (or whatever they are called now)

Mandatory Minecraft update

Ubisoft announces its backlog coming to GP followed by the Far Cry 6 gameplay trailer. Yes it’s on Game pass

A Gears 6 teaser is shown with a 2022 date.

Spencer comes out thanks everyone for watching, asks people to stay tuned for Bethesda. We have one more announcement

Elden Ring gameplay is revealed and coming to GP day one this holiday. No specific release date, will get delayed.

Bethesda show starts after a brief break with Larry where there may be a few deep dives or some ID games shown off

Show opens with Starfield. Massive gameplay demo, blows people away, 2021.

Followed by updates of Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76.

We will see Ghostwire Tokyo and Deathloop. These games are still coming to PC and are still important to Bethesda even if they are timed exclusives. Xbox and Bethesda won’t act like these games don’t exist. I suspect PC Gamepass for both and then obviously Xbox once the contract is up

Arkane Austin game is revealed as a new IP

Roundhouse and Alpha Dog projects are shown briefly

Show closes with Machine Games Wolfenstein 3 February 2022.

Pete Hines closes out the show.


Starfield gameplay reveal/deep dive for release in early 2022.

Perfect Dark brief gameplay snippet/target render

Reveal of next Forza/Horizon game, but not for release this year.

Halo Infinite deep dive, that probably goes without saying

Avowed teaser (no gameplay)

Fable teaser (no gameplay)

Gears 6 logo reveal

Some kind of classic “family” IP revival (a new Banjo Kazooie, Blinx, or Kameo)

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Just some early predictions, will probably change it later:

Xbox’s show:

  • Starts with Halo: Infinite gameplay and release date, a look at multiplayer as well with flighting announced.
  • Hellblade II gameplay trailer, coming 2022
  • Project: Mara trailer, also 2022
  • Psychonauts 2 trailer, August release
  • Indie reel, all coming to Game Pass
  • Some big AAA games announced for Game Pass, with Battlefield 6 coming day one.
  • Battlefield 6 trailer follows.
  • AA Global Publishing game revealed
  • CrossfireX release date trailer for September
  • AAA Global Publishing open-world game revealed
  • More 3rd party stuff, Creative Assembly FPS game, new Bandai Namco anime game, Judgment sequel (Lost Judgment), etc.
  • Forza segment with Motorsport gameplay (early 2022) and FH5 tease.
  • Small bit of Avowed gameplay
  • Everwild gameplay trailer, 2022
  • CGI trailer of Compulsion’s next game
  • Small Starfield tease to end off, gameplay at Bethesda’s show

Bethesda’s show:

  • Huge Starfield reveal, coming Spring 2022.
  • Arkane Austin’s new game revealed
  • GhostWire Tokyo trailer
  • Fallout 76 new expansion
  • Elder Scrolls Online new expansion
  • Wolfenstein 3, releasing April 2022.

Whatever they do, they need to do it well.

High production values.

Gameplay footage is a must.


Forza Motorsport


Acquisition of Konami game IP

Kojima back on MGS

Microsoft Flight Simulator


Gear 6 teaser

Sega acquisition

Outrun 3

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Dunno about predicting stuff but I’d like to see updates on all announced titles. So Avowed, Everwild, Fable, Forza, Halo, Hellblade & Perfect Dark.

I’m talking gameplay, cgi trailer or even just a development update. I liked the style of last July’s showcase & the way we got a couple of updates even when nothing new was shown (like from Ninja Theory). I hope they keep doing that. I don’t like it when stuff gets announced & then everything goes dark for years on end. If there’s nothing ready to show then at least communicate with us & let us know that development is going well. That’s enough for me.

On a related note, I also liked the little thing they did with the cg globe spinning around & landing in each different country where the next game was being made. I hope they do that again, it was pretty cool & kind of subtly drove home the point that Xbox Studios is growing.


man i hope it will have longer cgi trailer, these 1 minute -1 minute and half trailer won’t cut it anymore, make it 3-5 minutes.

New Banjo Kazooie. That’s all i have for now.


hmmmm no after last show, starts with something screams next gen so hellblade 2

move halo before the end, and for the end kojima game reveal

there is no need to show starfield at xbox show, just show at bethesda i mean they are both same show.


Starts with a CGI trailer of Compulsion new game

Halo Infinite full blow out

Battlefield 6 trailer GP day one

Elden ring trailer

The Gunk trailer into an 4-5 mins Indie trailer MS like to do

Forza Horizon 5 Japan 2021

Hellblade 2 gameplay trailer 2022

Everwild gameplay trailer 2022

Dragon’s Dogma 2

Avowed story trailer fall 2022



A plague tale 2

The one more thing is Kojima game its an Horror game


Todd Howard comes out and we get a blowout for Starfield ends with 2021 Xbox/PC

Ghostwire Tokyo trailer

Deathloop trailer

Fallout 76 and ESO updates

Wolfenstein 3 trailer 2022 Xbox/PC

Arkane new game its an New IP 2022 Xbox/PC


I love E3 :green_heart:. im glad she is back! :hugs:

what i expect from XboxE3 2021:

total focus of the event will be on the main microsoft launch for 2021: HALO INFINITE

  • new gameplay snippet, this time captured on the Xbox Series X with enhanced graphics.
  • news about Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay, how the F2P multiplater will work, etc.
  • information about Halo technologies such as RT, VRS, XVA, 120fps etc.

the rest will be:

  • new trailer for Hellblade 2 “in engine”. i dont expect gameplay yet.
  • new Forza Motorsport trailer with gameplay and a launch window “2022”.
  • Rare updates: new expansions and next-gen version for Sea of Thieves and more information about Everwild as a new “in engine” trailer.
  • some more third party trailers like: BF6, Tales of Arise, Elden Ring :pray: etc.
  • Todd Howard appears and invites everyone to watch the Bethesda E3 2021 and shows a new trailer for Starfield
  • World Premiere from Xbox Game Studios Publishing. i hope it is an “AAA”

i expect nothing more than that.

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4 new studios announced

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