Xbox Acquisition |OT6| If this is about competition, let us have competition

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Nintendo or Sega should be priorities for the next acquisition. MS needs more kid friendly franchises.


I love the title of this topic, short and sweet. No need to go big and fancy.


I think WB is realistic unlinke roblox.



Absolutely! SEGA is the big one I really would like them to get plus it would be ‘organic’ :wink:.

Also in terms of volume Ubisoft makes alot of sense to me. They release a tonne of games each year, have a huge library and come with so many support studios that they can also assist Xbox studios in getting their games out in time cough.

If someone else acquires NetherRealm they should also go after Capcom to secure Street Fighter instead.


Hi-Rez Studios is the move for Xbox they have a smite a big moba and have rogue company. They have bizzard but Hi-Rez Studios would also help in that pc/mobile space the only really big other player there is tencent who owns riot games and supercell. They can make something like a valorent for Xbox to compete in the of space then bizzard can make world of war craft 2 to compete with league of legends. Bizzard mobile division with assistance of king can help make competitors to clash of clans and clash Royale


Hi-Rez has made some great games, I don’t get this reaction. Tribes is legendary.


I still want to see Xbox acquire some studios that create those big ‘blockbuster’ style single player games like Ninja Theory’s Hellblade.

  • Asobo & Focus Entertainment (A Plague Tale)
  • Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider)
  • Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex/GoTG,)
  • IOI (Hitman/Kane & Lynch)
  • Crytek (Ryse)

I appreciate they don’t usually do as well as those big multiplayer games but they are fantastic showcases and as a single player orientated player those games are really enjoyable to play.

I really enjoy RPG’s too but they just don’t hit the same with being so long. Sometimes as a dad I just want to dip into an amazing experience and complete it, whereas RPG’s will take me months (if not most the year) to complete.

It would be great to get another Dishonored and I’m looking forward to Compulsions game.


I don’t know about all of WB. However, they could probably peel away Netherrealm without drawing to much ire from the reviewers of the ABK deal. As if a bunch of publishers are all buying a studio or two that just seems like an open and fair market.

I love the new topic title and is probably accurate. At least until abk closes

I think if Xbox want wb they will go for the licences and get all wb studios people forget wb has a lot of mobile studios and neatherealm always releases a mobile fighting game whenever they release a big console game injustice and mortal kombat. Ed boom and Matty booty know each other well too. If there was a way Microsoft could buy the licence to games exclusive they would do it.

Neatherealm-mortal kombat vs ki Rocksteady- superman Wb Montreal-Batman/ Batman beyond monolith-wonder woman TT game- Lego halo or banjo Kazooie Avalanche software-Justice league game/ superhero rpg

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They need Big name IP more than anything IF WB is selling buying just the Ip would be worth it if they can’t get the studios.

I don’t see them getting exclusive DC IPs. Mortal Kombat is a relatively safe bet though.

Is it possible for Microsoft to buy all wb game licences so they would full own them permently without having to licences even if they had to pay 10-15 billion plus wb discovery need the money sure they might sell

Is it possible? Sure it’s possible. Is it likely? no. Because WB would stand to make more money licensing out the properties to be used on a game by game basis. As that was the issue before when at&t was trying to move the studies was they didn’t want to sell the licenses with those studios.

Completely agree the western RPG games Xbox has are way too long and complicated to get through. I enjoy RPG’s myself, but I think I prefer action oriented RPG games though. I loved RDR2 I did enjoy HZD, but I have never been able to get into a Bethseda or Obsidian RPG’s I have tried. 90 percent of the time it wants me to go somewhere, but doesn’t tell me how to get to where I am going and if it takes longer than 15 minutes to find this place, item, or person. I put it down and never pick it back up again. I want to get to the next check point or the next mission and move the story along. I don’t have the time to spend searching. I am trying to give Witcher 3 a chance it seems to point me in the correct direction. I do wish Xbox would offer more in this space though. Asobo needs to be on the get at all cost list. IOI is high up there as well. I also feel like WB’s Rocksteady Monolith and maybe a few others are needed.