Women of Xbox UK Podcast |OT| - Series 2 coming soon


It was mentioned in the Discord last night and in the community thread earlier, but its is such a good podcast which is worthy of your time and a subject that deserves as much engagement as possible in order that we can make sure Xbox continues and thrives on its diversity, that I entreat you to give it a listen.

Hosted by Xbox UK’s Charleyy Hodson the first interviewee was Rare veteran and Everwild Executive Producer Louise O’Connor.

She discussed her 20 year career there, her being a lifelong animator and love of Horror games and fighting games’ animations :slight_smile:

Also we had a few tantalising glimpses into Everwild, which becomes more exciting for me as Louise repeated their mantra of “Nothing exists in the world like it – that’s what Rare does, we make games that the world doesn’t have”

She also mentioned how Everwild was hopefully going to evoke those times and memories we lose all to often as adults of exploring woods with friends finding the “magic” in fairy rings and the mystery within.

Also mentioning how amazing it would be if they could secure David Attenboroughs voice in some capacity as one who speaks so often about animals and their behaviours and since the game is hopefully one to show you “being one with nature”.

All of which made me very excited indeed.

She also spoke of diversity and how much work she has put into building a diverse team and how the more diverse we make games the better we will be artistically and as an industry.

Other Interviewees coming up include…

Episode #1 Louise O’Connor

The official Women of Xbox UK podcast is now here! Join Charleyy as she chats Rare, Everwild and…fishing…with Everwild Executive Producer Louise O’Connor!

Episode #2 Lydia Winters

Mojang Studios’ Chief Storyteller, Lydia Winters, joins the Podcast this week to chat to Charleyy about having potentially the COOLEST job ever!

Episode #3 Jenn Panattoni

Want to find out why Xbox’s Head of Social Good Jenn Panattoni keeps a Rhino in her kitchen? Or why she is building ramps for baby ducklings? Or why she can hold the perfect operatic note during an Xbox Game Pass album release? Well you will just have to listen to this week’s​ Podcast won’t you? (Spoiler alert – It’s because she’s AWESOME!)

Episode #4 Haiyan Zhang

Awesome inventions and awesome conversation. What’s not to love? This week for the ‘Women of Xbox UK’ podcast, Charleyy is joined by Xbox Chief of Staff Haiyan Zhang to talk favourite tech and favourite titles!

Episode #5 Shannon Loftis

Episode 5 is here, with none other than World’s Edge Studio Head Shannon Loftis joining the podcast to talk Age of Empires, the industry and … Albion? It’ll all make sense soon! Come join Charleyy for the chats and the chortles!

Episode #6 Katy Jo Wright

Episode 6 is upon us! Come join Charleyy for this week’s podcast as she sits down with Gaming For Everyone director Katy Jo Wright to talk inclusivity, accessibility and the many reasons why Kate Diaz from GEARS 5 is just so darn awesome!

Episode #7 Kiki Wolfkill

Charleyy is joined for this week’s episode of the podcast by a guest whose name is as awesome as her racing and Xbox career; Kiki Wolfkill! Come join the fun as they discuss Kiki’s role as Head of Halo Transmedia & Entertainment for 343 Industries, her journey through the industry and ponder how much creative juice it takes to create the perfect loading bar.

Episode #8 Sarah Bond

This week Xbox Corporate Vice President & Head of Game Creator Experience and Ecosystem Sarah Bond joins Charleyy to share her inspiring journey from childhood to become one of the leading women in the games industry. There may even be a tear or two shed along the way…

There was also an earlier “pilot” last year and International Women’s day episode earlier this year which are also well worth anyone’s time.


The people who are listed to be interviewed are top top people at Xbox. Good list.


Yeah looking forward to coming podcasts.


I’m so glad this is an ongoing thing and not a one & done :slight_smile:


Totally, It’s so nice to hear more women talking about the industry, and I hope it can continue further.


This is great. Looking forward to the episodes with Sarah Bond and Shannon Loftis.

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I just saw this OT title and was like james franco GIF


hee hee!

I did mean both this and “our” podcast are together better than others people may listen to :slight_smile:


That was a fun interview. I think this will be a series that is well worth watching. Charleyy Hodson is a great host, one of those people who are just a bit of a natural talent👍

Wish they had been able to talk more about Everwild though :sweat_smile:

Based on Louise’s hints, I think a part of the game will be exploring the natural world & bringing it back to life in some way. Can’t wait to find out more.


Yeah one begins to loathe those who are just effortless natural talents :smiley:

I am holding onto Louises words that Rare excel in making games that dont yet exist, and playing with friends in the woods finding secrets or “soft spaces” brimming with mystery and magic.

If Everwild is not already like it I would love the team to make “A Treasury of British Folklore” The game. :smiley:

I was genuinely not excited until this interview, as the last time I got excited I got SoT which I would love to enjoy but cannot.



This bit stood out to me as well. I think she definitely revealed the “feel” that they’re trying to capture with the game there. Sounds really cool.

I can’t get into Sea of Thieves either. It’s too multi-player focused for me. Hopefully Everwild strikes a good balance & caters to us lone wolves :laughing::+1:


This is so underrated.

This particular podcast has given me more insight into Rare than anything else.

The mood is quite cordial, and the structure of the podcast is on point.

More power to Charleyy. The list of who’s-who as a part of the itinerary makes it a must watch, in my opinion.

Looking forward to the Chief of Staff interview, in particular. Being the person who lashes the whip in a large org is an ultra over powered job.


Finally had time to watch this, was an awesome first episode. I really appreciated the effort Charleyy put into organizing things into sections, the advice on just going for things even if you don’t fit the boxes (something I’ve always had issues with), the details about how Rare tries to include everyone and make them feel like family, encouraging ideas, etc. Also hearing some about Louise’s path was great. And that question for the next guest should be quite interesting. :grin:

Edit: oh, and yes very interested in Everwild. Sounds really cool, but I do hope it will be a bit easier for solo players to feel like they fit in than SoT did for me.


The whole interview just buoyed me, Louise talking about “Nettle Hill” just brought back so many memories, I was moved enough to call my sister and have a little reminisce. We too had that one dangerous hill covered in nettles that you would dare each other to cycle down as fast as possible. I truly enjoy this kind of interview which concentrates on the mind space of the devs and how the medium can be used in so many different ways to a traditional one about just mechanics.

Totally agree regarding not leaving solo players out in the cold, I don’t care if there is some expectation for some content to be done as a team or if it “feels better” with a team, SoT is a gorgeous, relaxing, wonderful sailing game spoiled by other players getting in the way :smiley:

Agreed @anon98133315 was just a well organised informative entertaining episode.

Yeah it was great hearing how Rare works as well @beastmode10 , I always assumed it would be a friendly place, but it just sounds so delightful and friendly.


I need to listen to this.

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Any idea when these episodes will be happening?

This on Spotify?

Seems so

Yes, but was worth watching on YouTube for some of the EverWild stuff and other videos, but I do get that that’s not always convenient.

Yea don’t get me wrong I’d prefer to do that but with Spotify I will at least have the time to listen.