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I’d love this, but there have been no real signs to believe it will be. Still, I would be so down with it. I’m hungry for a new Fallout with a proper, awesome VATS.

The headline on Facebook said Fallout NV. I now see the actual title doesn’t.

Probably just MS plans for Halo Infinte to last for 10 years and the whole budget for this timeframe is 500 million. Like with Destiny :woman_shrugging:

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Simple math will show that halo infinites budget over the course of the start of development in late 2015/early 2016 all the way to 2031 when they presumably stop working on any post launch content would show you that their budget would be far beyond 500 million.

500 million is a huge number dont get me wrong, but you can see how they would get to it pretty quick

343 has ~500 employees which on average cost microsoft ~100k per year (this isnt just their salary, its paying for office space, benefits, software licenses, PC to develop on, etc etc). Without any outsourcing that is already 50m per year just to keep 343 running. We also know that they are heavily using outsourcing right now to help get the game shipped. Just considering the costs to run the studio itself halo inifinite would have cost 300m to make. (50m per year, 6 years from halo 5 when infinite comes out) Include the outsourcing and you increase that number even more.

Thats not even considering the budget for ongoing support and dlc etc thats planned for after launch

Josh Sawyer’s project?

Btw, @Cerysnetics has created a thread on the podcast for Women of Xbox UK.

Very underrated podcast.

Check out the interview with Louise O’Connor. Executive Producer on Everwild at Rare. The insight into Rare and how her team works is fantastic. Rare has one of the most scenic sites btw.


Do you think Halo Infinite will use the additional year to try and implement as many of the new Series S/X features as possible (VRS etc) excluding those that need to be built in from the start?

Perfect in away it has no game breaking bugs, it has no missing features and it’s a complete package. So it can be perfect. Some people will complain on sprint and similar stuff, but that’s subjective. If the game after all these years and resources poured into it doesn’t have a complete package, starting with campaign, through multiplayer and to the forge, including high standards for video and audio production, then that’s not acceptable in my opinion. Not everyone will like it, that’s for sure, even if they get another four years, but that’s not on them.

OK… :cry:

I recall Phil saying that Mistwalker might not be interested. Not sure whether it was in the Gamespot interview or Game Lab interview.


Xbox is like : “We don’t need him. We’ll make our own remasters of his games via BC !” :wink:


these games need to reach the PC, Steam and Xbox Game Pass for Console, PC and Cloud Gaming. the situation of these games is very strange.

edit: i mean, games published by MS Studios: Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.


Hmmm it’s possible

I certainly hope so, VRS and XVA without SFS can be implemented, they should implement it. People are expecting differences from between the gens, and this game will be a huge drive for the Series X/S sales.

I’m not expecting huge graphical leaps, but I’m expecting almost no pop-ins, huge draw distances, insane loading speeds, locked 60 and 120fps and native 4k and 2k.

Would be good if it there was no fomo with the 120hz on the game. During the last gen (back end of it, anyway) I was always annoyed about the performance vs quality situation, and hoped that the new machines would resolve that. Instead they’ve just made new choices

yeah that was in the Gamespot interview where Phil was asked about Elden Ring as well


This is addressed in the Halo waypoint blog posts that 343i releases. You should read those, otherwise this would just be only speculating.

Halo way points are incredibly detailed and address everything from codebase to areas that they are targeting.

I would recommend Xboxera’s Halo centric podcast - “You had me at Halo” to get up to date on what 343i is up to. Otherwise follow popular Halo sites like HiddenXperia for a walk through of the Way point posts.

it would be great if there was Ray Tracing at launch. it would be the first Microsoft game with DXR. but we still dont know if it will have… :pleading_face:

I read the blogposts, but I’ve never seen anything about VRS and XVA explicitly, do you know which one they talked about it?

Raytracing is cool, but it’s a feature that could be heavy for the game and subtract from the locked fps and native res, I’d prefer the game to run like a dream first.