Women of Xbox UK Podcast |OT| - Series 2 coming soon

Yup. Totally get that. Even though I work from home, I definitely have issues finding time to even listen to stuff some of the time.

Nope. But I’m sure @Cerysnetics will keep us up to date! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. True. Looking forward to watching those interviews. Thanks.

Episode 2 time!! This time with Mojang Studios’ Chief Storyteller, Lydia Winters

join Charleyy and Lydia as they talk about possibly the coolest Job in Gaming!!

Oh for the love of god @beastmode10 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really cool interview. It ended and I was like wait, already?

Watched the 1st one with Louise and just watched the 2nd. I’m excited for Ruby, Haiyan, Katy & Sarah. Sarah Bond in particular. She’s becoming my 2nd fav person after Phil. Her work on gamepass is exceptional.

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Haiyan would be very interesting. Chief of Staff is no small feat; dealing with all leaders on behalf of Phil.

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I am stuck in 6 hours or virtual HR onboarding and it is drier than non virtual equivalents… though I can at least move about. I am soooo tempted to sling the podcast on :slight_smile:


Nod at 30 second intervals, maintain eye contact once every 2 mins and continue listening to the xbox podcast.

Also, ask something in 30minutes.

Easy recipe for success. :laughing:

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Its just the presenter on Camera, the rest of us can only interact by asking questions… Very awkward. I am having conversations about solar panels and Ebikes with my colleagues in teams chat though.

Anyway still not talking to you after beating me by 10 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly I gave myself one job

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Oops, sorry. :laughing:

Will wait for your update here, next time.

Thanks so much for the heads up @anon98133315 was doing homework with my daughter where we were trying to spell Archaeopteryx from memory.

Episode 3, this time with Jenn Panattoni Xbox’s Head of Social good!

Charleyy even recommends the podcast especially for those of us concerned with duckling safety which should be all of us, you monsters


Jenn’s description of the product reviews at Amazon are fun. I’ve definitely read a few of those.

And the Wow that’s what I call XGP thing that comes right after that is hilarious

Another good interview.

More of a “behind the scenes” kind of thing this time, for me. I never heard of Jenn Panattoni or knew anything about her job & what it entails but now that I know, I think it’s awesome & she seems like damn near the perfect person to do it.

Very cool human being.

Save the ducklings :metal:

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Ok, that duck story is amazing also. And yeah, hadn’t heard of Jenn before but she is really awesome. These interviews have been great so far. Props to Charleyy for running them really well also.

Edit: actually she was on the Xbox podcast a bit back. Forgot about that.

Another great podcast,

I am envious of Jenn something crazy, so many amazing things she has done, really aspirational person!

Also annoyed by how amazing her singing voice is too :stuck_out_tongue:

Its also wonderful to hear her talk about the ducklings, and I am going to steal the Wildlife@ idea for our teams virtual teatime group :slight_smile: Another feelgood podcast.

I found it especially moving for me, that she too ascribes value to Art, especially with regards to STEM. All the people who have been important in my life have all had experience at art college or artistically in some way, and feel that it is something that can bring out the best in people to be allowed to embrace and flex their creative muscles.



Check out Charleyy’s interview with Major Nelson on last week’s podcast. Cool stuff there. She talks about this podcast - Women at Xbox.

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Awesome stuff. Charleyy is becoming a fast favorite :smiley:


New Episode, this time with Xbox Chief of Staff Haiyan Zhang.

Not had time to watch yet, and have ironing to do so enjoy!!

Also tidied up the OP a little and added some of the earlier videos.