Any other Xbox centric podcasts besides XboxEra?

British woman accents are wonderful :+1: Link on the podcast maybe?

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Oh yeah that link in my post should take you to the entire playlist. There’s only an intro video and the first episode at the moment.

Good to know: there will be more episodes, with guests such as Sarah Bond and Shannon Loftis.

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RDX is ok, but sometimes the juvenile laughing and stupid voices they pull can be annoying. There is a difference in how you talk on a podcast compared to how you might talk and act if you were in a group gaming session.


Nothing wrong with a bit of personality/light hearted approach . The topic is videogames, it shouldn’t be dry. What I will say about RDX is there is a good community surrounding the Podcast, including Discord.

2nd episode of Women in Xbox Podcast with Mojang Studios’ Chief Storyteller, Lydia Winters

Made a thread too :slight_smile: Because it deserves the attention, and it is awesome.


Really??? files that away for future use :stuck_out_tongue:

Colt is getting into the podcast biz.


You have no idea

Time to brush up on some Shakespeare then :slight_smile:

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Finally listened to the Kinda Funny Xcast for the first time. I haven’t listened to Kinda Funny in a while now, as I kind of lost interest over the time, but this one is good. Parris is awesome as always, Mike and Garry are cool too, however, I so wish Alanah was still on board, as she’s always so funny and insightful. Guess that ship has definitely sailed now that she is a writer for Santa Monica Studio of all things, lol. But good for her, a very talented woman that deserves a lot of success.

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I just found a Xbox podcast that I think that has not been mentioned here. I really enjoyed the only episode I listened. It is less about “industry” and more about you know… Playing games.

Give it a try.

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Very interesting… Will take a look. Thanks.

Yeah I love the idea of the podcast. The challenge of completing every single gamepass game lol. I feel bad for them.

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That’s the only bearable content KF puts out. Mike, Garry and Parris are fantastic but anything Greg Miller who tries way to hard or Blessing who knows absolutely nothing pre-2020 about gaming touches is a total disaster.

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Colt has launched his new podcast! Featuring Richard from ReviewTechUSA and Jeff Grubb on this first episode!!

He has such a radio voice.


I remember my Nana using similar as a backhanded compliment

“Ohhhhh they have such a good face for radio” :slight_smile:

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I’d simply say that it’s unfortunate that this is the impression that I’ve given you, a yellow chair doesn’t dictate my opinion, I can only ask that you check out what I say on my content vs judging me over a picture on a tweet


What a happy welcome to the community! It’s great to see you here, Parris. Overall our community is pretty fair and positive.


Welcome, Parris!! Keep up the good work on Kinda Funny Xcast, Gamer Tag Radio, and on Twitter Spaces too :wink:

Always appreciate your positivity when it comes to Xbox!

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