Any other Xbox centric podcasts besides XboxEra?

So recently I’ve got into listening to podcast. Apart of XboxEra (my fav right now) I only know Unlocked from IGN.

Are there any other informative/funny and all around enjoyable Xbox podcasts? Feel free to recommend me stuff you find worth the time.

Wellll … hey there.


Are you on Apple Podcast app/YouTube?

XboxTwo is good. KF Xcast is good.

Both highly recommended.


Yes sir.

We’re live on youtube:

Itunes: ‎The XB2 — An Xbox Podcast on Apple Podcasts


RDX Podcast is good fun

This is enemy territory :wink:

Don’t want to offend anyone, but isn’t DealerGaming a ultra fanboish channel?

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This is the only one you need! :eyes:

…XboxTwo, KF XCast.

Already subscribed, bruh!

It can be, but to paraphrase another open thread on this site, trying to find anything which focuses on Xbox is difficult with such media bias. This podcast is a good two hours each week, has guests in the shape of developers and Xbox employees, and aggressively keeps focus on Xbox. I used to listen to IGN’s Xbox Unlocked podcast and they couldn’t help themselves shifting away from Xbox at any opportunity (and Miranda Sanchez is just awful) and other good podcasts like Giant Bombcast would barely give Xbox twenty minutes out of ninety.

Xbox Two and RDX. Xbox Two if you like it a bit more professional (still charming commentary Rand and Jez are a fun duo who likes to moke them :D) and a lot insider knowledge.

Rdx if you like it when people joking around sometimes curse for fun and also moke their crew all the time. Some of them have great technological knowledge also insider information. From time to time they have some guests on the show like small developers or smaller staff from xbox.

Both of them have different knowledge and therefore complement as they are different yet genuinely take about the same topics.

Runs weekly

Cool , Jez is here

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Will give it a try, fam. How should I reach it, subscribe to Dealer on YT?

No. Not really. He prefers xbox a lot sure but he is not a fanboy and the RDX crew has a lot people like you and me. When you listen to them it’s more like hearing a group of friends discuss the latest gaming news.

While I do like that our friend @Jez is here… (and I do recommend him and @RandalThor19 Xbox Two podcast) please spread the word on the XboxEra podcast. :slight_smile:


Yeah, the other guys on his show do all their own stuff, Zalker87, Colt Eastward etc. on YouTube so you may find one of them suits your ears a bit better. They generally all cover the same stuff in their videos (there’s only so much news) so you can pick your flavour from there.

On the podcast itself there is a guy called Grounded Gamer who I really like, because he isn’t afraid to point out when something is just terrible. Not in a snarky way, but a considered and measured review of something that could be done better… almost an anti-fan boy. He is greatly under appreciated IMO

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Tried to find them on the Apple Podcast app, but it seems they aren’t available there.

An old friend and I are launching our podcast in a couple of weeks, and it’s all Xbox-focused ( Obviously took the “You Had Me At Halo” meme we’ve all been turning around for months and ran with it. We’re just recording a couple of additional episodes so we can release several for listeners to get a feel of it.

Guess I should have edited this out months ago… for obvious reasons.


Will def check it out. Always supporting creative ideas :slight_smile:

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