What podcast have you been listening to & General Gaming Podcast Recommendations

I know there is a topic for Xbox centric podcasts, but I figured it’d be a good idea to have another topic to share more general gaming podcast recommendations, particular episodes from one that you have enjoyed, as well as what we have been listening to.

So this week there was a new podcast released by a former Giant Bomb member, Dan Ryckert, with Mary Kish and Mike Mahardy. It’s called the Fire Escape Cast. I think it’s a good kickstart to this conversation.


So far I’m really enjoying Fire Escape Cast, it’s a chill conversation between 3 friends who love gaming without so much focus on the weekly news.

What I listen frequently:

  • Castle Super Beast
  • Giant Bombcast
  • ACG Gaming Podcast
  • Sacred Symbols

For Xbox-related podcasts, please use the other topic:


I like listening to Easy Allies, despite their lack of knowledge about Xbox things. Sometimes tune in for Kinda Funny Games Daily, but that happens less and less to be honest.

oho here we go… rolls up sleeves

OK so I don’t typically listen to Gaming podcasts any more, Videogamer was the last great one since they did not care about this “Childs toy” of a hobby we have, and the chemistry between Lees, Bratt, Scammel, Miller and Burns was like nothing else

(obligatory Miller Report clip)

I do listen to a lot of non gaming podcasts though, and am more than happy to force them down everyone’s throat as if you were all geese and I was making Podcast Foie Gras.



WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE is a twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.

Ongoing. Spooky, funny, and poetic.


Athletico Mince Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson’s podcast - brass hands, blue drink and more. It’s not really about football, d’you know what I mean?

Ongoing. Started as a football podcast, fast devolved into a hilarious rambling Bob Mortimer Sketch.


The ParaPod is a weekly podcast of all things mysterious and supernatural, hosted by Ian Boldsworth (voice of reason) and Barry Dodds (gullible believer)

3 Series of 10 episodes Finished. If you like comedy this is superb, if you were ever obsessed with the paranormal and grew out of it (like me) you will love it.


Cane and Rinse is a videogames podcast.

Our team of experienced enthusiasts takes a different game (or occasionally a series of games) each show and passionately discusses the experiences that title offers.
We try to be well-researched and thorough while doing our best to avoid hyperbole, pigeonholing or the stating of subjective opinions as though they are inarguable facts.


I have tons more I listen to, Scummy Mummies, Adam Buxton, Drunk Women Solving Crime, Rule of 3.

I could go on, (and have) but I won’t any further. I really have to like a dynamic in a games podcast to listen to it, and I couldnt listen to more than one a week because of news crossover.

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My wife and I get a lot of enjoyment out of these when we’re doing things together:

-Married to the Games -Minnmax -Rebel FM -Sawbones -Panning the Stream -Waypoint -My Favorite Murder -My Brother, My Brother, and Me

When I have the time, I also enjoy:

-Gamers with Jobs -Insert Credits -Into the Aether -Player One -Xbox Drive -Frame Trap -8-4 Play -Today’s News Tonight -DLC

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Interesting, I listen to multiple gaming podcasts a week because I feel the reason why I listen to them is not the actual news themselves, but the discussion, different perspectives and personalities that different people in various podcasts can bring. And I already know the news before hand because I’m very gaming news savy and would read it on Twitter or Xbox Era beforehand, so the interest is never to know the news that are breaking.

I usually listen to Castle Super Beast, ACG Podcast, Giant Bombcast, among others. I rotate between these and usually a D&D comedy adventure podcast, right now I’m listening to Not Another D&D Podcast. :slight_smile:


I mean that’s fair enough, podcasts are more entertainment and personality for me too really. When I did listen to more gaming ones it was to hear the other people.

I just reached a point where such reactive podcasts all too often veer into conjecture and debate about what “might” happen or just that weeks news, I imagine several podcasts all talking about what Publisher MS would acquire next and it just does nothing for me any more. Even the best personalities can’t make that discussion more exciting for me after N hours :slight_smile:

Matt Lees of Videogamer started his own podcast years ago called “Daft Souls” which started in a typical vein but ended up with people talking more and more about going back to an older game that week, or playing a board game, or some ARG browser game, and that was interesting to listen to. He had many UK journalists as guests and they always seemed invigorated by the chance to talk about something not “This week”. I guess that’s why I like the longform reviews and similar in my other thread.

I like the passion, skill and theory of how games are made and how they effect people a little more than discussion about the industry itself, reviews and leaks and teases I think. If that makes sense. (which it pretty much Cane and Rinse in a nutshell if that sounds appealing to anyone else).

[edit] I mean after saying that I still listen to the XboxERA podcast, which is pretty news based and which a crueller woman would say doesn’t have any personalities either, or at least not invigorating ones :wink:

I kid, I kid! :smiley:

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Don’t you feel radio is back, given the increased interest in podcasts.

Of course, instead of calling it radio, we call it a podcast :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, absolutely. Radio is back, but it’s way better this time. Instead of having to listen to my local station that plays the same shitty songs over and over again, and has so many ads, I now get to engage with podcasts of my own interest from all around the around, manually picked by me, played when the hell I want. I love podcasts :slight_smile:


I have a bunch of podcasts that I watch/listen.

  • Xbox Two with Rand & Jez
  • RDX Podcast
  • Defining Duke Xbox Podcast
  • Iron Lords Podcast
  • BRAP Podcast
  • DPS Podcast
  • Game On Daily Podcast
  • XboxEra Podcast
  • ACG International Podcast (twitch)
  • Pre-loaded Podcast with Jayvee (general podcast but more geared towards PlayStation, Nintendo and Indies)
  • Sacred Symbols PlayStation Podcast
  • David Jaffe Podcast (depending on the guest)

Outside of gaming, I’ll watch The Herd with Colin Cowherd, The Pat McAfee show, First Things First and Skip & Shannon: Undisputed. All of these are mostly NFL football podcasts but also includes NBA as well. I listen to them for the NFL related stuff. Rest I don’t really care about.

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I’m listening to

-Xbox era


Sometimes spawncast

-gaming industry.biz podcast

-Gamertag radio

A few German gaming podcasts it depends how much time I have.

Outside of the gaming world I listen to:

-Behind the bastards

-a few history podcasts

-sonicstate a music tech podcast

Boomstick XL is a nice channel to listen to on YouTube. They pride themselves on being generally positive and they do a show nearly every day so it’s always pretty current.

Don’t expect too many ‘insiders’ or clues on there, though; however the recent trend of half suggesting a hint that you maybe know a rumour of an idea in six years is growing wearisome anyway.

They also have MAGG (Middle Aged Gamer Guy) on there from time to time who I think is just great.

Listening to Woolie and Pat on Castle Super Beast raving about Disco Elysium is making me so excited for that game. I was already intrigued, but their entusiasm about it is probably what will make me pull the trigger.

Have you ever purchased a game based on hearing great opinions about it in a podcast?

Colt’s first podcast was really good. I wasn’t a fan of Rich from Review Tech USA before. As his channel has become more about youtube drama, than actual game and tech reporting, but he was actually good in a podcast environment. And Jeff Grubb was his normal awesome self. But Colt was the star as he handled it all really well for his first time out

And he convinced me even more that on RDX, Dealer needs to let him do any of the reading, or shout out to the chat stuff. Dealer’s timing is not only bad with that as he tends to cut in at the worst times to start doing it, but he can get pretty damn hard to even understand when he starts slurring his words, cutting himself off by not finishing the last word before starting the next one, putting on some cutesy voice for I guess comedic purposes, etc.

Colt, or even Zalker would do a much better, clearer job with that stuff

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I agree, I was very entertained. Really good flow, interesting conversation and topics, and he has that deep radio voice that sounds great, lol. Will keep listening for sure!