What are you currently playing?

Just finished Last of us 2. I’ve never been emotionally drained by a game like this before. Loved it. Also playing farming simulator 22 with my granddaughter, she’s loving it and surprisingly I’m enjoying it too.

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I started playing through Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Probably about half way through. It is generally fine, but I dont love it anywhere near as much as most people so far. Its definitely well made and well written, but so far I feel like I have watched more than I have played and what I have played isnt particularly engaging.


Finish the main questline in Morrowind, started the Hlaalu house questline and currently waiting for the stronghold to be built to finish it, In the middle of the Fighters guild questline and I will probably have to give it up because a couple of enemies aren’t spawning in Shaliit for me to kill them and finish the quest.

Started Darksiders 3 randomly. Really loving it a lot despite the somewhat bad combat, I put it on easy for that reason. I’m just a sucker for metroidvanias and this is giving me all I want from a 3D metroidvania, probably getting close to Arkham Asylum there for me. Surprised the game got somewhat bad reviews, I really think it should be at least 75 or around, but maybe the game was bad at launch and it’s better now especially playing on a new gen console.

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I finished GotG. Everything about it was fantastic except playing it. Story, visuals, writing, music were all fantastic. But the moment to moment gameplay was generic. Run Down Corridor > Find Open Room > Room Fills with Enemies > Fight until all enemies are defeated > Door Unlocks> Go Down Next Hall Way > Rinse repeat.


Get on Elevator > Oh No elevator stopped, solve this elementary unfulfilling “puzzle” to make it move again > Enemies flood Elevator

Which overall wouldnt be too bad if the combat options weren’t so limited.

Overall I’d give it a 7/10 even with my complaints because all other facets are so good.

In my quest to work through some portion of my backlog this year I have adopted a new philosphy of downloading one Series X|S game and one Xbox One game at a time.

Next up is picking up Yakuza Like a Dragon where I left off and finally playing Arkham City (I have played Asylum and Knight)

Was going through my old 360 library last night, and found this.

I don’t remember buying this so it must have been a free gold game. It surprised me, it’s a simple 2d platformer but has this hilarious 90’s edgy cartoon humor for the story. Not bad, but what surprised me even more is that it has a 4 player multiplayer mode. Tried to see if any human soul was looking for a match, there wasn’t :disappointed:

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This actually reminds me of a complaint I had about the filtering in your library. I wish i could chose what to filter out rather than limiting it to certain consoles. On ocassion I just want to filter out the Xbox/Xbox 360 games and show me all X1 and Series games.


Man the lack of save stations in the Phazon Mines in Metroid Prime is super frustrating. It took me way too many tries to make it all of the way to the invisible boss, and then I died a couple times trying to figure out how to beat it. There’s a save station right after the boss, but now the lack of save stations throughout the level is making hard to get out of the Phazon Mines!

Still enjoying it though. My only real complaint is that the tank controls are terrible for platforming.

Tried getting into Path of exile again after a year or so break, really hard to get back into it so I tried Diablo 3 for a bit. Just thought stuff it and got Diablo 2 resurrected after trying the other two. So D2 and Dark souls remastered in between getting my gamerscore up cos it’s a pretty slow period before the Xbox show. Having lots of fun trying out some real shitty games.

Started up Dead Space 2 last night. Awesome so far, I really appreciate Isaac finding his voice :wink:


Just finished mages guild quest line in Morrowind and starting with the Imperial Cult quest line. I was really surprised too, because the way people talk about Skyrim and being the leader of every faction being a negative. It never gets brought up about Morrowind doing basically the same, as I’m currently grandmaster of house Hlaalu and the Archmage of the guild. During the main quest line we even became the highest ranking blade in Morrowind making us the leader by default.

Currently playing TLoU Part II. Started it a couple of years ago and made a deal with a co-worker that I would go back to it if they played Tunic. Kind of a meaningless deal because I think we both meant to play them eventually anyway.

I couldn’t put it down once I started it, favourite game I’ve ever played. I need to finish tunic, but I’ll need to use a guide because I just can’t find any new areas now

Just finished the Imperial Cult questline in Morrowind and I’m about to join the legion for their questline, although I will be annoyed to have to carry and imperial armor around just to put it on to talk to soldiers, because I will be considered to be out of uniform.

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Just finished Elden Ring. Easily the best game ive played so far this gen! Can’t wait for the inevitable DLC. Im considering giving Sekiro a second go now.

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Chrono Cross and Valkyria Chronicles 4.

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Also, this game looks great. A bit hyped for the remake of the first one now tbh.

Isaac will actually talk in the remake instead of being silent fetch quest man. Can’t wait!!

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Been super busy with work to the point where it’s been tough to play slow paced or story games so I redownloaded Sunset Overdrive. For whatever reason I stopped really early on when it came out, but it’s so relaxing to just jump around and shoot some OD. Definitely give it a shot if you never tried it.

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That has been in my backlog forever… One day I’ll get around to it.

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