PS5 + XSX die shots and discussion

We finally have a closer look on PS5’s die shoot.

Have a look and experts, pls share your thoughts.

Image credit Fritzchens Fritz on tweeter

Update: Now SSD and I/O shots

XSX details :

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More info by Locuza on tweeter ( this is a guess )

I made this thread for this.

People dont seem to fussed though, this forum really needs more users :unamused:


What’s even more disappointing is that as soon as it gets converted into a console war, everyone will be intrested.

But hardly anyone cares a simple hardware discussion.

Beyond3d is better in this regard. But it’s also hard to get into it.


News only posted yesterday, not surprising discussion is limited until it soaks a bit as it will take some time even for those in the know to do some analysis on the data.

It’s looking early doors though that what we have here is customised 5700. Not yet seen any posts from sources I trust with HW stuff, but, it is telling that the three main (secret) sources touting RDNA3 features and extreme customisation, NXG, RGT and mooreslawisdead have all been radio silent. If there was anything big to see here they’d have been shouting from the roof tops by now. So my take is that what we have is pretty much what we expected based on how the ps4 pro was architected and the timelines for PS5. Minor customisations on Navi 10.

I’m clueless, so I’ll wait for your analysis/discussions guys ! I don’t even know where to look at and what does these words means. Is it normal that there is a blank part on the left of the die on image 4 ?

I agree that it is pretty much what we expected and it does confirm the rumours that the PS5’s GPU is based off Navi 10. The days of either console manufacturer doing a completely new CPU or GPU are over and there was no reason why Sony would change when they had so much success with the PS4.

I would also add that a lot of the R&D budget probably went into the SSD and the audio block hence why Sony has shouted about those and why the RDNA 3 rumours were just fantasises from people.


@Colbert tweeted about it yesterday. He is the one to ask questions :slight_smile:


It simply proves that there is never a secret sauce.

Also, if there is something really special in the hardware then the company will be fourth coming about it. The whole idea of with holding information is simply stupid.


The so called Sony insiders are REALLY batting 0 this time around. At some point you hope Sony fans would stop taking the bait. Basically for some quick clicks make up some positive crap about the PS5 and watch Sony fans click away and you get your 15 mins fame.

Seen that time and time again this console cycle


At the end of the day after all the bullshit tflops + ram bandwidth are the most important factors when comparing consoles of the same base architectures. When u hear stuff like “its not that simple” you know its just fanboy bullshit.


Are Sony fanboys OK? You guys are free reach out to me if you need to talk.

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Fanboys are not affected by this. In my feed to my tweet @Predrag posted above, there is one of those now claiming that the missing features actually makes the PS5 chip faster. I do not make it up.

For the technical aspects, Infinity Cache never made sense due to the cost vs benefit equation. The reduced Zen2 FPU though was a surprise. Maybe an action to reduce power draw and heat production. For those do not know the FPUs are responsible for the most power draw and heat production in a CPU.

Also just today an AnandTech article was released that talked about that things have changed in regard to power draw and heat disappation on Xbox too. While in the past the GPU was the main contributor it is now the CPU.


The crickets after the recent info about die shots are deafening, all the hype up then turns out to be wrong now it’s just crickets. There is so many people on the wrong side of this with 100k+ YT accounts that are apparently “techtubers” and they got it so so wrong, but the damage is done already their credibility is gone out the window.


And lots of the gaming press repeated some of these ‘techtuber’ claims in the past. That’s a big issue with the modern gaming press…it gets its articles/stories from forum chatter, which gets its premise from YT videos or tweets that are often not legitimate, then that stuff spreads everywhere unchallenged.


Well, well, well.


Everyone was ignoring tflops counts left and right. And no one was even daring to talk about RAM bandwidth advantage.

Everything was SSD.


It’s has been a revelation of sorts seeing the reactions to this across the web. It pretty much confirms what we already knew (no infinity cache) but some people swore that the PS5 had it (it clearly doesn’t).

The Zen 2 FPU parts missing is a bit surprising. Though in retrospect it makes sense from a thermal point of view. With the high GPU clocks they probably removed it to keep the SOC from getting hotter than they were comfortable with.

And all this just highlights how impressive the Series X is and what MS were able to achieve in creating a more powerful console whilst designing a robust cooling solution to keep things cool while maintaining acoustics to a minimum.


Don’t forget about tempest audio. The PS5s SSD and audio chip were supposed to change gaming forever. Turns out neither is much better if at all than the Series X solutions.


Tempest audio is a dollar store version of Dolby or DTS.

Dolby and DTS sole purpose is engineering sound, a gaming machine won’t beat them at this.