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So I want to get a better understanding on what the PS5s “geometry engine” actually is.

Here we have the PS5 die

Which looks almost identical to a 5700xt, apart from the added Ray tracing hardware. But it has a "geometry processor at the same place as the geometry engine of the PS5, So are sony just doing a bit of wording an PR trickery here? Making an RDNA1 feature seem more new then it actually is?

Afterall the series also has a geometry processor?


My understanding is the GE in PS5 is new in the sense that it allows the standard AMD GE to be programmable for culling and LOD changes on the fly.

There’s a PS5 Hardware discussion thread

Discuss the PS5 stuff there

I wonder if this is through software or hardware and if it is done through hardware I wonder what the precise differences between the geometry processors are in the series consoles, ps5, RDNA 1 + 2.

people seem to think that the “geometry engine” in the ps5 is different to rdna2 + series consoles geometry processors, but we have not been told how they are different.

I created this thread to discuss hardware from all platforms.


What’s your favourite power tool?

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More info on mesh shaders:

This thread/OP seems insightful too:




Are the TMU and ray accelerators also similarly laid out on series X?

I thought TMUs were supposed to be together with wgp.

I won’t stand to have this question remain unanswered sincerely :slight_smile:

Personally my favourite is “Gwendoline” my ancient Dewalt DC100KA, I’ve had her for years and she has helped me on set, stage and years of DIY on our first house. She is still going strong.

I would love a Router though, but I would also need to convert our garage to a woodshop and buy some proper furniture to work on… My wife likes her ladies covered in woodshavings :slight_smile:

On topic, I am interested by such discussion, but have nothing helpful to add :stuck_out_tongue: :yellow_heart:

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RX 6000 series layout


PS5 SoC vs XSX SoC layout

Navi 10 layout

Navi 10 and PS5 GPU layout is very similar.

Series X is different

Awesome! Mine is a very old Black&Decker power drill my mother gave me a long, long time ago when I moved out of the house. It’s not very good by todays standards, I have better ones, but it’s special and I still use it. My dad wasn’t around and my mother thought it was important I got some tools so she did what she could and put together a bunch of tools and stuff without really knowing anything about it, or being able to afford it really.

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shh! don’t tell the others but I really like talking about tools more than electronic Hardware.

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Some more XSX hardware details.

Mostly related to thermals

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hmmm is the cpu getting enough power ?

I can’t really contribute to the conversation, but gamernexus did their own thermal testing for Series X


This is from the 4a dev interview with Wccftech.

Currently, we use DXR 1.1 inline raytracing and VRS. I like sampler-feedback - I’ve asked hardware vendors about this for years and it will be utilized for our future projects. Not sure if we’d go for mesh shaders in the future as we are not that dependent on traditional vertex/primitive/raster processing anymore on recent architectures. Our current frames are only about 10% raster and 90% compute on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. And raster pairs well with async compute.

I wonder if this is the same for other studios/engines and we might not see mesh shaders be widely implemented. Nice to see that Sampler feedback and VRS are going to very important features.

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