Problems with viewing new posts in topics

When I click on the green number icon next to a topic with new replies in it, it goes there as normal at first but then immediately jumps up the page in the topic making me scroll back down to view the first new post. Sometimes it just takes me to random old post and the back icon appears on the side which can then take me to the first new post. Annoying af.



I have noticed this as well, usually it’s the first time visit and the first new topic I select. I don’t think it happens after the first topic. As Mort said, sometimes it will display the [BACK] Navigation Tag, but other times it doesn’t. I’ll try to get a screenshot capture when it happens on tablet.

I am on Android Tablet using Chrome browser.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the “Featured Topics” functionality recently enabled. I think the first time I noticed it was late yesterday evening.


The link provided from the new topic list, that should jump me to latest post (at the time): Xbox Game Studios |OT9| How many games would a game studio make if a game studio could make games? - #9544 by GamingFirefighter

Screenshot of tablet navigation gone wrong:


@Mort @BRiT

is this still happening?

I just had this happen on my tablet after I closed all browser tabs and closed browser instance, loaded chrome browser fresh, loaded XboxEra Forum new posts lists, then clicked on the following link: [thread 10519 ], resulted in thread page loading to an earlier point. Now if I keep the browser open and continue to navigate the forum all new thread loads will function correctly and show the correct new post upon loading. Kind of feels like first time loading issue or loading out of order. Probably need to try replicating this on PC, capture the network load requests and any javascript exceptiins when it happens, then compare it to when it doesn’t happen.

Thread link:

Thread loaded earlier point:

The actual “new post” should have been this one:

With a different thread:

Link @ Xbox Acquisition |OT6| If this is about competition, let us have competition - #6214 by TheBrightestSun

This time I actually saw it load to the correct spot and then about a second or two later it redisplayed at this earlier point. Most of the time when it happens it happens faster and I dont notice it loading correctly before it redraws.

Correct display:


Hey, it’s me :smiley:

In all seriousness, I have the same problem. Any time I enter a topic with new replies I get sent to a dozen posts above instead of the last viewed post.

On Android phone.

Looks like it’s a known issue, so we will need to wait for a fix. Usually, it takes them a few days to push the fix.


YES! WE’RE NOT CRAZY! Or sharing a group delusion… :beer:

At least in this situation.

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Haha, love the disclaimer.

But yeah, “good” to see I’m not the only one.

This seems to be fixed (for me so far).

Can others confirm the work of @Predrag has resolved their issues too?


Yeah seems to be working for me now

That was really annoying :phil_lmao:


YES! Finally, was driving me insane.



It seems good now, but I only have old/already viewed posts. Not sure if it was still happening with those too. I’ll pay attention as soon as there’s posts.