Playstation Showcase OT: NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY

Lets go

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Thank you ! I’m kind of hyped tbh.

Nothing fancy for the opener…

Here your GAAS games !!

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I had no idea Helldivers was a straight lift of Starship Troopers.


Lots of shootin’ so far

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Jim said the most breathtaking games I think he said? Hyping it up pretty big, let’s see what they got because so far…eh?

This EA game is certainly a video game.


That game looked like Ghostwire

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Don’t have time to watch, so I appreciate the play-by-play.

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Phantom Blade looks good!

Phantom Blade 0 looks good. Thought for sure that was a Team Ninja game, but apparently not.

I wasn’t expecting the showcase to be so weak

Sword of the Sea is the first thing in this I am interested in

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Hyped for Sword of the Sea. I love Journey and Abzu.


It only said coming to PS5, so I’m hopeful for Xbox.


Ghost runner 2 (2023)

Now with a cyberpunk motocycle.

Phantom Blade 0

Reminds of Wolong and that Sony exclusive Souls like series.

Talos Principle II (2023)


Love the look of Talos Principle 2. Looks like that team has taken a big step up visually.

too twee

I’m guessing it could be that kind of show that starts off slowish, and “explodes” later on? You’d think so going by what these insiders said.