New Final Fantasy game timed exclusive to PS5

Soo i just saw this thread on era and people don’t seem angry anymore but they were crying about Starfield being exclsuive to Xbox.

Absolutely disgusting move by Sony, soo tired of these timed exclusives. Are they scared of Final Fantasy looking better on XSX???


I would be upset if I was confident in Squares ability to make a good final fantasy with a new story. The last one I enjoyed was 10, so it’s been a while.


Square should take a look at how terribly PS5 software is selling in Japan, where VII Remake got 35% of its sales.

No offense, but it sounds like you’re taking this really personally. It sucks, sure, but it’s just kind of what the industry is like. It’s a rumor, so running away with the idea that it’s true is a bad idea, and we don’t even know anything about this game so there’s no point in getting upset over it.

My thoughts on the subject:

I’d be more curious to know if MS see this SE behaviour as antagonistic, they didn’t neglect so many big titles since 20 years ago. The last time they felt threatened they bought the company, lmao.

I dont know why people get mad at these anymore. If you want to play a FF game its clear that Sony is willing to pay premium to lock it down and thats it.


Like I said in other thread Square’s gamepass initiative seems to be wasted if they’re going to give Xbox/PC gamers a taste and then lock future tittles to a platform they can’t play on. Anyways, I guess their message is clear if you want to play their games then you have to get a PS5 because it seems they’re taking whatever deal publishers throw at them, and it wouldn’t make any sense for Microsoft to entertain.

I just hope they launch the next dragon quest game day one on xbox


Exactly, they’re pretty clearly leaning on this pretty hard among other aspects of what makes their platform attractive. Can’t play everything on one box just like how if you want WRPGs, you should be prepared to get into the Xbox ecosystem.

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They can buy Square Enix and shut it down the problem at the core.


This is so disgusting. Can’t Phil just buy Square to stop sony taking games from us?


Sony or Microsoft?

MS obviously, why Sony would buy Square Enix when they already got everything without shelling billions. At the same time MS would also deal a mortal blow to PS image.


Sony is clearly banking on associating FF back to its brand in the wake of losing some japanese market share + xbox taking a gigantic portion of the WRPG market.

I would be A-Ok if Sony got FF and we got DQ. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Good for Sony.

Exclusives strengthen your brand and damage your competitors.

You should be mad at MS for trying to be the nice guy and not going after those already massive AAA games that Sony has no issues going after. F what people think, it’s business. People will cry more about MS doing the same thing…but WHO CARES. People will cry and move on and forget about it eventually. MS is that big brother that’s way too nice to his aggressive little brother. MS just needs to understand that if they want real growth, these massive big IPs are what they should be chasing, regardless if they’re more synonymous with your competitor or not.

So good job Sony. Balls in your court MS.


I mean, maybe? I have no idea what kind of reasoning and work goes into a giant move like this. I’m sure MS have a million scenarios mapped out. I’d have to assume that they’d would prioritize good business sense over a “counter-punch” as it were (not that those two are necessarily mutually exclusive).

I read a while back that it costs MS much more money to buy temporary exclusivity because Sony has so much of the market share. I assume that “letting this happen” just means that it isn’t worth it in their estimation. For my part, I’ve already assumed that Xbox isn’t the place to play Final Fantasy this gen. Luckily for me, I haven’t liked one since IX :laughing:

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I mean, MS did just buy Zenimax/Bethesda, so… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’d agree if MS could moneyhat something without civil wars. They cannot make their own games exclusives without whining even from journos, lmao.

I think it’s the only solution and it will also deliver a signal to Sony HQ: stop trying to fuck over me, like with Bethesda.

Buying the company altogether isn’t like buying timed exclusives.

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I just want the games to launch, but in no way they’ll do that since DQ is one of the biggest franchises in Japan

It could be interesting to see what happens in a couple of years. Do people gravitate to xbox because it will be home of WRPG or do they stick/gravitate to Playstation since home of JRPGs.

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