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Thank you Amazon for giving us more Blade Runner.

Fuck you Warner for abandoning it.

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Chan-wook Park’s new movie Decision to Leave was good, absolutely but it wasn’t on the same level as many of his previous ones and certainly doesn’t touch Oldboy.

So I watched the first 4 episodes of Amazon’s LotR:RoP today. I’m not really sure what to think of it. It had action but yet it didn’t feel … satisfying? I know they have a ton of world building and scene setting to do. Yet it seemed like it lacked the readily digestible feel-good consumable endorphins in each episode. While it’s nice to have more LotR, nothing entirely stood out as memorable or defining in each episode. I don’t know if this would pass as “filler” content. Since I can’t pinpoint or describe what it needs, I’ll sum it up with “it felt lacking”.

I also watched the Netflix series “The Imperfects”. It’s an IP I knew nothing about. It was a good first season for the series. It felt fresh enough. It’s a different sort of people with super-abilities story. Each episode left me wanting to watch the next.

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They’re taking longer than needed to establish the hook, for comparison LotR movie trilogy established that from the prologue and GoT as well and overall episode 1. In RoP, everything still feels “looming” but not quite there yet, and I think a limit of that is that we already know where a lot of thing are going regarding the many plots from history of Middle Earth, but I think this buildup would be needed for a strong foundation for the future of the show.

I agree that it doesn’t feel outstanding, just good entertainment very well produced. My point for that especially is the music, lilke, it’s good, but very forgettable, the only music that stands out to me yet is Sauron’s theme. But shows can always improve if the showrunners can be mindful about it.


House of the Dragon episode 5 was strong but man there was a lot of questionable execution decisions. The fight at the wedding. The marriage vows scene. Criston Cole’s whole guilt arc was kinda rushed

But in any case these first 5 episodes were like an elaborate prologue to seed and setup everything for the real reason this story was greelit by HBO, so a lot of the problems they had in them won’t matter much, they built a strong foundation for everything else to transpire.

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After the last few episodes, She-Hulk has completely lost me

It’s just become an endless parade of the most vapid, poorly written, wanna be influencers, bizarrely mustache twisting villains and stupidly unrealistic situations


I gave it two episodes and then I was done. Way, way too many other shows actually worth watching instead.

I haven’t watched the ending to Better Call Saul yet, but Rhea Seehorn is such a fantastic actress in that show.

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Hmm, so a very weird ending to Primal.

I thought for sure that Spear was going to die and that would be the end of the series (which was really good), but then Mira had to go savage mode and get all on top of Spear and his fourth degree burned body to sprout a child. So I guess there will be more from this series lol?? If not, it was a great run by Tartakovsky.

In the latest Rings of Power episode, I really love that Elrond honors his oath and friendship to Durin, and Durin decides to help the elves. It seemed like the show was setting up a rift between the two where either Elrond betrays Durin or Durin selfishly lets the elves suffer. The Lord of the Rings as a franchise is pretty good at showing healthy relationships and selfless actions in an earnest (but not too cheesy) way.

That said, I’m sure that there will still be some drama/conflict about the mithril in the future.

HotD is becoming way too edgy. Literally no sweetness or warmth or humor allowed. I’m exhausted.

New actresses for Alicent and Rhaenyra are fantastic.

I mean, casting is damn near perfect, as always. Their casting department and directors do their work extremely well.

So far Rings of Power feels middling and hasn’t quite established the pull. Maybe they’ll get into an actual interesting story next week?

House of the Dragon is now feeling a bit more of a history compendium and less of a full story being presented. Its like an outline presentation of the timeline. Zoom in for a brief presentation from this time, zoom out and skip ahead for a story from a decade later. It doesn’t allow for me to care about any of the characters, even if its supposed to be the same characters, it doesnt feel the same.

I don’t see either coming close to being on par with Lords of the Rings or Game of Thrones.


I’m starting to think the whole first season is gonna be the prologue and setup of the pull :awkward: and that would really do them a disservice, by now stuff really should have started to move forward quite a bit. With respect to their craft but they don’t have the best acting, characterization or dialogue to allow them to get away with being slow and deliberate, they needed to be a bit more explosive early on, and I believe they have the tools for that.

Very much and I went in knowing that already. Lord of Rings and GoT (early seasons) were legit some miracles how they came together, it’s unhealthy to expect things to be as good as them again.

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