Movies and TV shows thread

This thread has been a long time coming. But it’s certainly necessary. Knottian today pointed out that he doesn’t like reading spoilers about shows he has yet to watch and even though we do always use tags, he’s a moderator and has to check it out. Plus he’s too curious. :wink:

But he’s absolutely right about it. I hate spoilers with a passion too.

Also, it was being posted in a thread about gaming, Better Call Saul has nothing to do with gaming. So hopefully we can all post TV show and movie related stuff here. Opinions on a show or movie you just watched, trailers, information on new releases and don’t forget to always use spoiler tags because it just sucks incredibly much to have shocking moments spoilt for you.

On the subject of BCS.

Just watched the mid season finale. Thought it was a lot better than the previous episodes, probably even previous two episodes. It’s great, don’t get me wrong but season 5 so far did more for me. Now on to spoilers of the mid season finale.

What the hell man. Now I genuinely feel fucked up, the look on Howard’s face when he realised he got in the middle of something he wish he hadn’t. This man did not deserve this. Lalo could have let him go, but Lalo is just being the ice-cold dude that he really is. When the stuff with Howard at HHM was done and it was back to Jimmy and Kim, I fully expected that it was Lalo at the door. Then when it turned out to be Howard and I saw how many minutes were left I thought something bad for either Kim or Howard was gonna happen, but I didn’t expect Lalo there. Once he showed up though…shit man.

Now we wait for July, I think it is.


Stop peeking at spoilers, Knottian :wink:.


Ah yeah, thats the made you look taunt!


I kind of want Better Call Saul to have another season where they cover time overlapping with early Breaking Bad.

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Wife and I are finishing up Shitts creek and we are gonna start better call Saul after

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Everyone should watch the Animated Shenmue TV show that just wrapped. All 13 episodes are on Crunchyroll. I’m not really an anime fan so I signed up specifically to watch Shenmue. It follows the games so well that it’s a nice nostalgia trip for gamers of a certain age that loved Dreamcast back in the day.

Also the new Sonic 2 movie on Paramount Plus is great.


BCS spoiler

I agree man , felt really bad for Howard . He was a good hearted person . He was going through depression , marital problems , debt , Jimmy and Kim fucked him financially , his career , his reputation and finally killed him . And they were doing all of that shit for fun , yikes . Good on Howard for calling them out . Now his death is going to haunt them for the rest of their lives .

No wonder Jimmy was soulless in BCS . He had survivor’s guilt .

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Watched it. It was good .

Good is an understatement tbh

I thought I had read that we are going to see our two friends from BB, this has to be in the second half then.

That is very well put. All of BCS Jimmy is anything but soulless and these “pranks” with Howard while definitely going way too far and out of control was only meant to just have him settle. The shocked reactions of both Jimmy and Kim when Lalo enters the house and finally shoots says it all. Something like this would not have happened if they didn’t have their “fun” with Howard.

And to think that it was Kim that actually came with the whole idea iirc. At the end of season 5 Jimmy was just speculating or fantasising but Kim was very real about it.

Man that Lalo is something, just enters the house, is so very calm and says Howard should take his time. Shoots him,smiles and says let’s talk. This mofo man, but he’s so damn awesome in his role.

Peter Gould said this about the rest of the season. I’ll spoiler tag it just to be sure.

And this is really interesting too, but I’m glad they decided not to go that way with the characters.

Surprised this thread took so long to make lol.

Next couple of weeks are going to be very busy for me what with Stranger Things and Obi Wan coming out next week and season 3 of The Boys.


So hype for this :eyes:

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Season 1 of True Detective is fantastic. ^^^

Fargo is a really great show. One of the few shows set in Minnesota where I live. Every season of Fargo is a new story, characters, and setting. Season 1 and 2 in particular are must watch.


Will it be the last season of Stranger Things? And yeah, The Boys, really looking forward to that.

Jodie is a great actress. Personally I loved the first season, but couldn’t really care much for 2 and I don’t think I ever bothered with 3. Did you like them?

1 was peak. 2 was decent. 3 was good.

so I just finished Schiits Creek( not sure if I spelled that right) such a good funny and heartfelt show. Sad to see it end but at least it ended on a high note

I’ll wait for both to have all the episodes out, seems like Stranger Things is also doing some weird release schedule. Can’t be arsed waiting like it’s 1995.

Annoying isn’t it? Part 1 or volume 1 or some shit.

Mission Impossible is pulling that shit next year and then in 2024 part 2.

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MI is doing it because the story is long and they couldnt fit it in one movie .

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