Logitech and Tencent are creating a new handheld (which supports XCloud)

Logitech G is working with Tencent Games to launch a dedicated cloud gaming handheld later this year. The new hardware will be designed for cloud gaming services, offering a dedicated device with controls instead of the typical cases you attach to phones. The cloud gaming handheld will support Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia’s GeForce Now service, and Logitech and Tencent are both working with Microsoft and Nvidia on the hardware.


this could be interesting, but Tencent backend? hmm…

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something I might get. Razor was supposed to making a cloud device too

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Yeah it’s a bit concerning, I’d rather have a Razer product like Bob mentioned.

Man… All this investment in xCloud devices

And here I just want a handheld 8inch screen device with HDMI in :confused:

Sounds pretty cool, might consider it if it’s a quality build for a relatively solid price

Depends on the price. Nvidia Shield price (ideally slightly lower) would be neat.

the idea of a third party cloud device that could host multiple services aka Geforce Now, Xcloud, Stadia(lol), PS streaming etc is nice

big battery, decent controls, decent screen is all i need

the more the merrier honestly, especially if it means avoiding tencent


Another argument why Microsoft shouldn’t release its own handhold.

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I just ordered an AYN Odin Lite. I’m guessing this might be similar to that or any of the other Android handhelds.

Yeah, no thanks.

I like the trend of 3rd party handhelds. I don’t like Tencent on the backend. Hope this trend continues with other companies and if Microsoft doesn’t want to develop their own, they also form a partnership.


Same, if anything it’s still good for competition though e.g. pricing…

I would buy an Xbox handheld super fast.


Anyone end up preordering this? $299 is too high of a price for me (let alone the $349 msrp that it’s supposedly going to be listed at after the $50 off preorder bonus), but there was a $50 coupon at the Logitech store which brought this down to $249 w/ free shipping.

I preordered one at that price.

Even at $249, it’s a bit more than I would want to spend, although I don’t think it’s unreasonable considering the Razer Kishi and Backbone controllers go for $99 all by themselves, just for a controller, whereas this includes a 1080p screen, a large battery, an SOC, RAM, wifi chip, on board storage, etc… etc… Anyone thinking something like this would be $150 weren’t really thinking this through.

So anyway, I’m really excited for this to arrive. I’ve used my iPhone 13 Pro Max w/ Razer Kishi, my iPad Mini 6 w/ a controller clip, and my MacBook Pro for Remote Play and/or Xbox Cloud Gaming, and none of them were able to provide that true handheld experience that I’m looking for. It sure looks like this device will do the trick.

So yeah, anyone else interested in this product? I recognize that it probably appeals to a small niche of consumers, but I fit firmly within that niche.

There was a bunch of discussion going on in the Community thread when the news of this device first dropped.

Starting with this post:

Thanks! Seems I kinda missed the window to chime in there.

I just think many are missing the philosophy behind a device like this.

The Switch, Steam Deck, and Xbox/PS consoles are sold for a more attractive price because they 1.) Are intended for mass adoption/huge sales numbers & 2.) Are able to be sold at very small profit margins or oftentimes at a loss because the real money is made from software/subscription sales.

This device clearly is intended for a niche market and mass adoption is not anticipated. It’s no different from the Backbone controller being sold at $100. It’s sold at this price because total sales numbers will be in the hundreds of thousands w/ no software sales rather than the many millions, oftentimes 50/60/70/100+ million in sales w/ software kickbacks that occurs with the other devices this has been compared to. That or devices like the Ayn Odin that has a smaller screen, worse battery life, a less ergonomic controller, and needed a $4mil plus Kickstarter campaign to come to fruition.

It’s no different than third party elite controllers from SCUF or AIM or other 3rd party manufacturers being sold for $250+. It’s meant for a niche audience and any and all profits are made from the hardware sales so the price is going to be higher.

Just my two cents. I do think $349 is wayyyy too high, $299 is still too high, $249 reaches that “reasonable” price point, and $199 would’ve been a steal.

Either way, can’t wait to get my hands on mine. I think it has the potential to be the best game streaming handheld on the market, which is an exciting prospect.


What coupon did you find for 50 off? The only one I’m seeing is for 30 off

SEP22USD , but I’m assuming it expired in September.

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Thanks. The one I found appears to be an influencer code, it is “SHROUD” and it says it’s for 5 percent but it seems to be doing 10 percent instead.

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