Halo |OT2| Forging Ahead

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I don’t see any actual new information in this article, but it seems to be what a lot are talking about now…

What you need to know

  • A new report has detailed how 343 Industries is restructuring the Halo franchise following recent Microsoft layoffs. Reportedly, at least 95 developers were affected by the cuts.
  • Notably, Halo is moving to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. Sources familiar with Halo Infinite’s development have reported that its engine, Slipspace, caused many issues for developers due to its aging code. This includes the delay of multiplayer modes like Extraction and Assault.
  • The first project built on Unreal will be “Project Tatanka,” a codenamed game being developed by both 343 and Certain Affinity. Originally, Tatanka was believed to be a battle royale mode for Halo Infinite.
  • 343 has also paused the active development of campaign-style story content for the time being. Developers were prototyping and pitching new Unreal-based Halo projects, but many of those developers have been cut.

So Halo really is moving to UnrealEngine, I wonder when we’ll see single player again :smiling_face_with_tear:

You will. This is to head for better development IMO.


and here we go

Switch to Unreal Engine:

At several points over the past decade, management at 343 debated switching to Epic Games Inc.’s popular Unreal Engine. But it wasn’t until late last year, when previous studio head Bonnie Ross and engine lead David Berger departed and Pierre Hintze took over, that the firm finally decided to pivot to Unreal. This switch will start with a new game code-named Tatanka, according to people familiar with the plans. That project, which 343 is developing alongside the Austin, Texas-based game studio Certain Affinity, started off as a battle royale but may evolve in different directions, the people said. Future games in the series will also explore using the Unreal Engine, which may make development easier, although internal skeptics are worried that the switch may have a negative impact on the way Halo games feel to play.


I truly wonder how much Microsoft blew on slipspace because all the resources spent on it is pretty much gone. However, I think moving away from it was right move, but hopefully they can make the core gameplay work in unreal.

I feel Microsoft/343 need to let us know what’s happening with multiplayer because I feel hesitant to get another battlepass or work towards any content in Infinite

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what’s happening? the studio is entirely focused on it.

And to think that Halo Infinite was born as a platform for all future Halo campaigns. I can assume it will only be supported for another year (maybe two) and then they will move on to the next chapter with Unreal Engine.

MP by all accounts will still continue to be supported. I think you’ll be just fine if you’re still interested in its battlepass.

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Oh I was assuming they would be locked in to the next entry since it will be moving to Unreal.

It was pretty fucking obvious tbh

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I’m still iffy on the unreal part even though I know Jason is pretty thorough with his sources.

It’s just hard for me to even wrap my head around that. That would be a colossal failure on 343’s part.

Welcome to your worst nightmare:


Seems like it’s for the best

While im sure mismanagement played a part in delays and problems, that engine has no doubt caused endless issues and why shit seems to take forever in regards to content

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If they release a Halo game in Unreal that doesn’t feel like Halo (talking game feel here) the fans will definitely notice it. I’m not sure what they’re going to do then.

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It was a colossal failure. The engine made their ability to put out new content a chore. It also ran counter to their contractor-heavy hiring. They were wasting time getting people up to speed on a poor engine.


its that simple.

Kinda worried about them using unreal. Too many eggs in that proverbial basket.

Could they not use idtech. Microsoft own the engine now?.

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