First Look at Metro Exodus PC Next Gen enhancements

Update 4/28:


"consoles offering Ray Tracing support, we took the decision to radically overhaul our proprietary 4A Engine and realise our ambitions for a fully Ray Traced experience on next gen consoles and high-end PC.

We have built an all-new Fully Ray Traced Lighting Pipeline that brings a number of optimizations, upgrades, and new features to the Ray Traced Global Illumination and Emissive Lighting that we pioneered with the original release of Metro Exodus, as well as an upgraded implementation of our powerful Temporal Reconstruction technology to further boost resolution, visual detail, and performance."

“We’re targeting 1080p on Xbox Series S, with framerate still to be determined as we continue to optimize for this hardware, but the other benefits above will apply, including full Ray Traced lighting throughout.”


This will certainly be a test of fire for all the consoles especially the Series S. If this puppy can manage 1080p 60fps RT its a massive endorsement.


That is some very impressive goals 4A has for Metro Exodus which looked amazing when I played it two years ago on PS4 Pro. Should look even more amazing when they release this update.



Now this is some effort!

Impressive 4k/60fps on an already great looking game.

Surely they’re fully prepared for the next-gen now.

If they can deliver this it would be a MASSIVE endorsement to the S and its capabilities.


a question I had as well. Would PS5 even be able to use the DX12U features part of the full RDNA2 suite which are only reported to be on Series consoles and AMD cards?

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Holy cow. Certainly it will be dynamic res but even so it sounds super impressive compared to other ray tracing solution on consoles.

Hopefully it’s the start of things to come


Can’t wait to replay. This game is a showcase. I will be shocked if they really manage to get to 60FPS with RT. It seem they are going all in with Series S too, so kudos to them.

Really happy I picked this up at the same time as I did Control. Looking forward to all that eye candy.

For Free I will support this bitch. I sold my day one copy but I’m eager to get the full game again and the season pass now.

That’s some high lvl support.

Looking at you Control. Still feel robbed on that.


I’ve been tryna tell everybody…lol

New interview with tons of tech details from 4A: 4A Games Tech Q&A - RTX 3000 Is in a 'Different League' for RT Performance, But AMD's Approach Is More Flexible


Their answer:


Basically confirming no hw VRS on PS5 (go figure!). :stuck_out_tongue:


It is so refreshing to see developers with no obligations due to marketing deals openly talking about game specs!


Whats the big difference between the HW and Software VRS

Efficiency, performance, and perhaps quality.

Then there’s the entire matter of development time. There could be a lot more work done to roll your own instead of using the APIs and letting the hardware assist, especially when you get to the complicated aspects such as blending between different layers (Full Rate Shading mixed with Half Rate or Low Rate Shading).


This game was not just one of the first games to implement Ray tracing in gaming but also one of the only few who have implemented Ray traced Global Illumination. Most other games simply stick to reflections and shadows but GI is a big part of making things look more realistic as well, but has largely been ignored by most implementations of RT in other games maybe due to it being much more intensive or difficult. So I’m glad to see 4A actually doing so much to make sure their game was an absolute showcase not just in being one of the early adopters but also one of the best ones moving forward. Shame Xbox lost them to Embracer lol, but looks like nothing bad has come about from the acquisition, only good. Shitty publishers like 505 could learn something from these guys tbh. They took 10 million for epic exclusivity, took PS now money, then took Luna money, then took Gamepass money, are taking next gen upgrade money, and now took money from playstation to just give that next gen upgrade along with the DLCs away, it’s crazy lol.


Updated language on their blog post about XSS:

“We’re targeting 1080p on Xbox Series S, but the other benefits above will apply, including 60 FPS and full Ray Traced lighting throughout.”

Full RT, 60fps confirmed, target is 1080p. :slight_smile: