XboxEra Community Hangout |OT2| Cracking down on shitposting

No. Who cares? Honestly it looks like a niche game, it only gets attention because it’s one of very, very few current gen-only games out there.

Now we play “Who didn’t look at my post carefully enough”

They claimed many things there which were wrong.


Well, if there’s any truth to it I am sure we will hear it soon from Jeff, Rand, Jez etc. Hope it’s fucking bullshit.

Rand not so long ago literally said the contrary.

Updated our previous Metro Exodus next gen enhancements thread to cover the news today.

Off the bat: its full ray traced global illumination so Id love to see if they can bring this into consoles.

Hm k, enlighten me.

There is a hidden spoiled /s after the gif.

Ah. How very…weird.

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Returnal, R&C Rift Apart, and… HZD 2 Forbidden West ?, God of War Ragnarok ?

HFW would be nice, getting that for PS4. Still 0 PS5 games of interest to me (need 10 to buy the console).

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Maybe because all of them cost 80€ each, lmao, PS4 games are cheaper.


I bet they’re as right as that KarthasisT dude.

Much less impressive than I would’ve thought. Two Game Pass games and a cheap indie.


I mean, there were some delusional people on Twitter who said that PS+ is better than GP, lmao.


I think so

From a revenue stanpoint, with the new pricing their games are obviously expected to revenue better, I mean, captain hindsight at work here. XD

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Anonymous character artist, who works for anonymous studio, somewhere in the industry believes Starfield isn’t releasing in 2021…

breaking bad GIF


Are you people who flagged Louay’s post above for no good reason, going to do that to this Deadwing’s as well?

…and probably mine too