First Look at Metro Exodus PC Next Gen enhancements

4A going hard on this one. :fire: :fire: :fire:


Sounds like an meaty update! :open_mouth:

4A games is a great studio that always pushed both PC and console hardware so I have no doubt that they will deliver something special here. I am a big fan of the Metro series since the first one came out on the 360, I have the beautiful Aurora Edition of Exodus on Xbox and I still haven’t played the expansions so this patch will be a great excuse to revisit the game on Series X.

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It’s such a shame Control was my favourite game of 2019 but after the fuck up from 505 I felt robbed and lost any urge to play it ever again.

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4A are the real deal. They deliver technical benchmarks on consoles and PC since Metro 2033.


Yeah, the raytracing in that was already very good, and judging by the comparison pics it’s now by far the amplest usage.

Can’t wait to see how well the console versions will fare. 4k reconstructed at 60 fps with all those raytracing effects sounds like a pipe dream given the early results

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Updated the title and main post to include todays new look at Exodus which should give us an idea as to how the X|S versions should look.

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