XboxEra Community Hangout |OT| Safe Space no longer required (Part 1)

Where’d you see that?

Haha. I actually liked that PS3 slim model mainly because I do like consoles that have a flip top lid or sliding tray cover for where the disc goes because if there’s ever a problem with the disc drive, you can change it out yourself. Look/design wise, I have a PS5 and had the original Xbox One. After a while, I won’t care anymore about the look/design as long as the games are great.

My top 5 PlayStation 4 exclusives -

  1. God of War
  2. Days Gone
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn
  4. Uncharted Lost Legacy
  5. Ghost of Tsushima

4A really adding full RT AND 4K60 to Metro Exodus on Series X and PS5. That’s crazy

Go through this and realize how much of an effort these guys are actually putting in, all for free.

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I was reading this thread and someone mentioned that.

I couldn’t get into Horizon after 20 hours of trying to do so. To me the game had some of the worst script-writing/voice-acting (outside of Burch) I’d experienced in a first-party title, and this was after years of being told how amazing Sony titles were at that very element (Horizon was the first game I picked up after buying a PS4 again at the end of 2019). Furthermore, I couldn’t get past the game design and the repetitive Ubisoft-nature of the tasks, activities, and mission structure; color me naive but I think first-party titles are where risks and innovation should occur because they have the means to do so. Finally, I felt like the game was just a fleshed out retread of a better game in setting, combat systems, and characters: Enslaved Odyssey to the West.

I know I’m in the minority on this one but, for me, it was very much a game that belongs in that recent thread about not liking a game that everyone does.


Does it feel like Jez is mixing 2 different things into this?

Like we are back to the same old boring AAA = holywood graphics.


Don’t get where this is coming from. Sure I absolutely agree, I want to see this too. But isn’t that exactly what Xbox is doing? Hellblade 2 as he says, Fable for damn sure will be a looker, Perfect Dark? If Sponger was correct about inXile that game is gonna show some crazy visuals. Indiana Jones (unclear whether exclusive) will for sure look great too.

He is, and I expect better of Jez (but we all make mistakes). Frankly this discussion of what constitutes a true AAA is beyond tiring and frankly embarrassing; you don’t see other industries complain when an indie artist or film knocks it out of the park with fantastic critical/commercial success. It’s a stupid, self-defeating, and always-narrowing definition by the denizens of the internet when in reality all it ever used to, and should mean, is a general barometer of the budget of a title. Equating quality or polish to whether a game is AAA is a losing man’s game; if the bug-ridden mess that describes most Ubisoft games, Cyberpunk, or the myriad of other high-budget titles that release in the same state aren’t enough to convince you, I don’t know what will.


I like Jez for his news coverage but I often find myself not agreeing with any of his takes lol.


He’s basically saying that for example, when you show State of Decay 3 looking like it did that it sets expectations that they will most likely not even come close to meeting. For me, I am 100% expecting SOD 3 to look as good as that trailer. If not, then why show that?

SOD 2 was a AA clunky glitchy buggy janky game where the character models and facial animations were bad. The environments were great but that’s it. SOD 3 needs to be what Days Gone/Dying Light 2 looks like with better gameplay/combat but still a survival game like the first two games in the series.

For me personally, Undead Labs needs to up their game when it comes to State of Decay 3.

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State of Decay 3 trailer was just a cgi trailer to showcase the game is in development + tone setting. People need not to associate that stuff with the final product.

Also SOD2 was a AA game so not really faulting them for the jankyness since all that was pre Microsoft purchase.


I agree.

Remedy: “The Xbox Series S just cannot handle our game. It’s not our fault. It’s the fault of the hardware that it can only run at 900 60FPS”

Some Malta Boys: “1080P + 60FPS + Raytracing! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO”


I think that what Jez is getting at he wants Hellblade 2 and SOD3 to be true AAA games which is not a bad thing and if I remeber right he loves SOD2

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No his tweet gives the assumption that xbox isnt investing in AAA experiences by linking them to realistic graphics once again.

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See I took he wants to see more of both games before calling them AAA IMO

But even this is disingenuous; I love State of Decay 2, even with the bugs at launch, but I also knew that it was a game made by 30 people with a AA budget (if we’re being generous). So to revise history and knock a game that was never intended to be, or sold as, a AAA is problematic to say the least and just furthers my argument about the stupidity of the entire arguments centered around “what’s AAA”.