XGS Publishing teasing something to do with Fable on Twitter? (UP: it's nothing lmao)

We’re excited to kick off something special tomorrow! (Just give us one more day to prepare the chickens.)

We’d call it our Fable Anniversary, but that name was already taken.


So weird that this comes from XGS Publishing…

Can we be hyped or not? That is the question.

What could it be? Fable new teaser and the rest at TGA?

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It could be this

It can’t be fable right? Xbox hasn’t really done remasters since the halo ones if I remember correctly.

Wow, a proper Fable remake would be cool

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Fable Pub Games II incoming

I was thinking this too but I guess it may just be a third-party developer remaking one or more of the Fables. Seems odd though. I wonder if it’s a Fable spinoff of some sort?

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They did gears ultimate edition in 2015 which was a year after halo 2 anniversary


Would it be a smaller Fable game by an indie then?

I really don’t see that happening. Would only distract from the upcoming big game.


ehh I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. Halo Wars 2 didn’t detract from Halo Infinite, and Infinite is pretty much gonna have the same enemy faction.

Fable is a format franchise that is being reborn. Would you hand an indie Perfect Dark and have them release a game a year before the real Perfect Dark game? That’s an entire generation of folks that will associate the brand with an indie game.

ngl Harebrained Schemes could make a dope ass Isometric Perfect Dark in the vein of Shadowrun/Invisible Inc :eyes:

Legends without the asymmetrical multiplayer would be pretty decent. Like Evolve, I just don’t think people enjoy the one vs X format.

Haha, gotta do that after the big game though!

Legends looked phenomenal for a 2014 game tbh, really hope Playground’s game can have similar art direction but cranked to the max with current gen standards in open world design. Pretty the mf up


Free copies of Fable 1-3 to everyone Xbox user

I’d love to see a fable 2/3 remake with them coming to PC (In Fable 3’s case back to PC). But I wouldnt be surprised if this is something like fable 2 pub games or something small


Welcome to the forum, and a Fable 2 at 60fps without the horrible motion blur would be great