Xbox Acquisition |OT4| It's Acquisition Season for Xbox with $69 Billion deal, NICE!

I wonder if MS doesn’t care about the inflation and won’t buy anything this year. They literally can spend 15b at once and return the same amount within 3 months. You would think that they would spend more…

Looks more like a platform company providing tech, and less of a studio. Although it has a studio.

Also, they seem to have run into problems with Unity previously.


More like Fable remasters - is everyone’s guess.

Do you have a source?

you have to read the other threads once in a while. LOL - otherwise, you’ll be missing stuff

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Been busy with work for a while. What did I miss?

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I think you might be misunderstanding.

Most people that want them to buy Square West would be perfectly happy if they bought the whole thing. We just dont find it realistic that Square would let go of their Japan baby.

Additionally the near term releases of Square Japan are locked up in Sony contracts and MS has shown that they wont break existing contracts so if you compare Square Japan and Sega games that would come to Xbox and Gamepass in the immediate years after a hypothetical acquisition, there are more benefits to the Sega acquisition. Beyond that, as a former platform holder, Sega has a very rich back catalog that could easily be added to gamepass.

It isnt that we hate Square Enix.

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Don’t forget the myriad of leadership issues Square has consistently shown over the years.

Microsoft is looking for teams that can run themselves, just need a little extra help in the resources department.


Exactly, while some of their output is getting better, they can’t maintain any consistency at all, I don’t know how Babylon’s Fall got under shit and that’s a project made by Platinumgames, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal got the worst with Avengers.

Anyone have any idea whether Jez mentioned Mainframe, or someone was just guessing what Jez said?

If Jez mentioned Mainframe studios, could someone share the timestamped video please.

Personally, it seems less realistic to me that Square sells only a part of its company, it is more likely that if Square sells something, it will be all together.

About short-term games I think it is a problem that Microsoft would have with almost any publisher or studios, most of them have multiplatform or exclusive contracts even before they are announced, I don’t think it matters too much because Game Pass is a long-term project and Xcloud is still in beta and not available in all markets.

Square also has a rich catalog, even speaking of Japanese content I think it has more content than Sega. I think both companies have their strengths and their weaknesses, any company that arrives will fill some gaps.


I suspect most of the people who want MS to buy Square West don’t care and don’t understand the importance of FF and Dragon Quest IP. Square Enix Japan is essentially asian bethesda. We have a lot of folks on Xbox who don’t care about Japanese games at all, so for them it is not important and they are content with only western games.


I do, just making sure all those games come to xbox would be huge. Bringing them under the Xbox umbrella would be monumental

exactly what i observed from reading their posts. I am an okd lady, it was final fantasy that had me get my first console, my first xbox console was a ff13 360 edition. Square enix is trash blah blah, buy only western part, phil and gang would not agree with you. I bet his girls played some final fantasy. Really yiu have every fps coop xcoming to xbox, you get square’s western gamwes already xbox would want all of square enix, that be like xbox buying eveything of zenimax accept bethesda game studios. For me bethesad iis elder scrools and starfield wow. In japan square enix is like disney.

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Buying WB Games and getting them DC gaming rights is a must for Xbox.

Maybe it the DC Fanboy in me but if Playstation keep getting more and more Marvel gaming exclusive stuff than Xbox needs DC.

Imagine Xbox DC vs Playstation Marvel.


FF and DQ have no real fanbase on xbox. Its all on PS

And that’s why they would be a good acquisition.


And buying them would force that fanbase to get an xbox.