XGL to XGPU conversion - India

XGL conversion ideas based on stacking 4 different offers.

Based around Darthvader’s post in the main thread.

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Let the frenzy begin.

We know, we can’t avoid discounts.

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I totally didn’t understand how to get 32 months… But 17 is still good

I am not able to unsubscribe, properly to take advantage.

Go to microsoft live account website

Cancel your sub

And then try

I keep fucking getting “transactions for this merchant not permitted” even though i’ve enabled international transactions on my card. It used to work last year when I had Gamepass PC for a bit, but now I can’t. No idea what happened. I only have one VISA card too, the other one is Rupay and these mfs don’t take that.

That’s a great deal with the Buy-1 Get-7 Free.

This is similar to the stacking steps used earlier in the USA and Canada. The basic premise was load up on the cheapest Xbox Live Gold first and then redeem 1 month of Game Pass Ultimate, which will do a 1:1 conversion on your XLG time to GPU.

So if I follow the steps in India it makes sense.

  1. Buy 1 month Xbox Live Gold but get 8 Months total
  2. Buy 1 month Xbox Game Pass PC but get 8 Months total
  3. Buy 1 month Xbox Game Pass Console but get 8 Months total
  4. You now have 8 months XLG, 8 months GPPC, and 8 months GPC.
  5. Buy 1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate but get 8 Months total

At Step 4 you have 8+8+8 = 24 months of various Xbox Services

During Step 5, those 24 months will be converted 1:1 to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Then you add on the 8 months of Game Pass Ultimate. You’re now at 32 months of Game Pass Ultimate.

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Oh… I missed this trick. Damn shame. :expressionless:

I think a current subscriber can only get upto 24 months. Because the option to buy 1+7 will not show up for your current/recently expired service. It will show manage button.

Super stuff, Brit. Thanks for clearing that up.

All I need to do is to figure out how to cancel the sub. It says for some reason that I have a sub up until 2022, and is taking recurring payments.

Which sub you have? Ultimate?


Maybe that’s the problem. Have you got the similar type of benefit previously? I think currently you have that type of sub and that’s why it’s not working for you

In the USA, and possibly elsewhere as well, you can only have services stacked out to 3 years. So if you already have 12 months of a service you can’t add any more than 24 months. The last time I verified this was a year ago when stacking out XLG for a friend to convert to GPU.


This makes sense too…

Thanks for making the thread


Also wanna add to the thread, this trick worked for me, I got 24 months


yessirrr, I’m trying it myself now.

By the way, this isn’t a bug. The official Xbox app itself is showing this right now. This just compounds with the existing conversion trick, which is legitimate and even the XBox UK community manager himself recently told to use it lmaooo



Got to get over 19 30 million GamePass subscribers somehow… :beer:

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