XboxERA's 2022 Backlog Challenge |OT| New Challenger Approaching!

Haha, how many games have you bought?

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On the Xbox? 5, 2 of which are pre-orders, the other 3 I finished.

Then on Switch I had bought 16. Finished 5 of them.

Then I’ve beaten a few actual backlog games beside that… so we’re making progress. Haven’t bought another Switch game for a couple months now.:sweat_smile:


Yikes, haha.

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Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t been very active. I’ve been focusing on Game Pass stuff, which doesn’t count for this challenge!

However, I have some updates.

I finished Skyrim! (The main quest and some of the larger questlines) It was one of the first games I bought for my Xbox One S, back in 2016. (I was in college when the game originally launched and I didn’t have time for gaming.) I’ve played it on and off over the last few years, but the Starfield hype finally pushed me to hunker down and finish the main story. Still a great game, over a decade later! +1 for me.

I did end up buying Rogue Legacy 2. It hasn’t really clicked with me but I’ll keep playing it over the course of this year. -1 for me.

So that evens out to no change. However, I promise I will have some more new updates soon!

I have a question for everyone - I own the DLC for Asura’s Wrath. It’s a bunch of little DLCs. How do we want to go about that? .5 for each bit finished? Thinking of playing the game soon and wanted to be transparent about this.

Again, sorry for my lack of presence here recently!


How small are we talking here?

Four small episodes sold separately, or purchased in one pack.

If they’re all less than an hour or so, I feel like giving 0.5 points for each one is a bit overkill. Maybe we could do +0.5 for completing all of them, if that’s alright with you?



You can’t purchase them in one pack.

There are 5 DLC with different content.

  • The two x.5 DLC give more story content for the main game. No achievements

  • Episode Pack is Act 4 Nirvana, post base game and true ending. Has achievements.

  • Two lost episodes are crossover non story related DLC with Street Fighter characters. Also has achievements.

Is there any way to actually “finish” these two, like there are with story DLCs where there is definitive start and end?

Since the backlog challenge does not require completing all achievements and only completing the story perhaps cosmetic like DLC should not count against or for it. So those dozens and dozens of DeadOrAlive packs wouldnt matter? Perhaps the same with additional characters for fighter games too?

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There is story, but it’s basically just some fan fiction. First you fight Ryu or Akuma, depends on the episode, in classic Street Fighter Beat 'em up style. At some point, I think after you win 1-2 rounds or close to it, you trigger the classic Asuras Wrath fighting system. Beat them and you finish the DLC.

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Oh, I see, I thought it was more that you could play as them. So its not purely cosmetics like DOA outfits.


Definitely let us know what you think! Asura’s Wrath is easily in my Top 25 favorite games of all time.

I would think that a DLC has to have some meat to it to count. I have no experience with this game, so I couldn’t tell you.

A game I have in the backlog with the same issue is Batman: Arkham Knight. I think I have 17 DLC for that game… I doubt there is more than a couple of those which would actually count in this challenge?

Also, good to see you again!

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Completed Child of Light. Really nice game, enjoyed the unique turn-based system they had going on.

Might as well subtract a point for AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative at this point since it releases in two days so that evens out.


There we go, finally finished Dead Space 3!

It was a bit of a disappointment after the first two games tbh, whilst the first was an excellent horror game and the second started to become more action-y but still being scary af at times, the third game was a full fledge action shooter. A decent one, but missed the point of what made the previous games great in my opinon. If I’d rate the trilogy it would be something like 9-8-7.

That is a +1 for me, @PhantomFox !

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I have 96 reviews done now, I don’t have a backlog left. Most of them were things I chose to review for the site :doge:


Nice, personally I’m too much of a coward to ever play Dead Space. Are you looking forward to the remake?

Anyway I should hopefully get back to a positive net score within the next few weeks or so, assuming a sale doesn’t sneak up and tempt me… And it looks like Mort has a good chance at snatching first place, we’ll see.


  1. @profjjj +15.5
  2. @Mort +13
  3. @outrigued +9
  4. @BadMoodJones +1
  5. @ProgStopper 0
  6. @NierlyCrazy -0.5
  7. @peter42O -1
  8. @watgreatgaming -1
  9. @PhantomFox -1.5

I thought I was too! Honestly, these games scared the shit out of me at times and it was very creepy for most of it. I scare easily and I’m very good at immersing myself into games, books etc… which is very nice most of the time but horror games…yeah that’s not only a good thing haha. Lots of sweaty palms and high heart rate :wink:

Very much looking forward to the remake, it will probably be horrific.


You’ll have to livestream it so can poke fun at yo-…. I mean for research purposes! Purely academic!:joy:

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That would be quite a sight haha. Sweating profusely, focused, nervously swallowing and occasionally screaming like a little school boy!

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