XboxEra’s 2023 Backlog Challenge |OT| Third Time's the Charm... Right?

  • +1 Horizon Forbidden West
  • +1 Vampire Survivors (Steam Deck)

I’ve got very mixed feelings about Horizon. Technically it was great. Graphically great. I like the story (at the least the broad brush strokes of it). I enjoy the combat and exploration (mostly). But I just didn’t care about any of these characters. I had the same problem with the first one, but hoped Guerilla would get better at that part. But they didn’t (at least not for me).

I also had a couple of problems with the game that in the grand scheme of things are really minor, but they still bugged the heck out of me. First, the close up shots of Alloy (and a couple of other characters like Varl) gave me a constant “green screen effect” - where the characters just didn’t look like they were a part of the world they were standing in. This was mostly due to the extreme “hero lighting” on the characters that literally put a light bloom around the edges of their characters (especially their hair).

My other big problem was with the extreme body language/gesticulation so many of the characters engage in during dialogue. Seriously, if I had a conversation with someone in the real world who was flailing around like that I would think they had a screw loose. Combine that with how great most of the characters look and I got a real “uncanny valley” valley effect from many of the NPC interactions.

Despite those issues I liked the game. I finished it in about 50 hours and still had a ton of side stuff and collectibles and exploration to do. I don’t like it enough to go back and finish all that stuff off to get the platinum though.

Not much to say about Vampire Survivors. It’s pretty perfect. I’ll be returning to this one off and on for a long time.


  • +1 Viking battle for Asgard
  • +1 Sword and Shield 2
  • +1 Super Trench Attack
  • +1 Reigns
  • +1 IMMURE (part 2)
  • +1 How to Survive

And completed Farcry 5 and Danganronpa 1 on gamepass. Really loved Monokuma :3


Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit +1

First achievement was unlocked on 2012.

Love the art in this one and actually reminds me of an old Mega Drive game. It’s a real shame that Arkedo Studio studio only got the chance to develop a handful of games before shutting down.

I’ll probably chill with the 360 Backlog for now and play some Monster Hunter and Persona. Also, I guess Persona 3 & 4 are on the Backlog since I pre-ordered them last year.


And with this, Im out. I will now just be on a mission to accumulate the most negative points by buying new games.

Do NES games count? I beat Jaws on the NES today for the first time. Ive never been able to stab him with the boat, but today, after 30 years I finally stabbed him.


Haha! why? aside from Viking, all of those games are pretty short :cowboy_hat_face:

+1 With Eliza on steam (really good story)

And I think I’m going to pause for a while as Persona 3 and MHR are eating my time

Ill be lucky to beat that many games, long or short, in the next six months.


Wolfenstein 2009 +1

I should be playing newer games but can’t stop playing games from the 360 days. Another fun WW2 shooter that adds some occult veil powers to mix things up. The game is pretty similar to singularity as it’s made by the same studio around the same time.

I desperately need some vibrant colours in my life after playing so many 360 games. Totally forgot how many games followed the Gears grey/brown colour pallet. At least Wolfenstein is soaked in green when using veil powers.

Stingy on the old achievements since the majority of them are for the tacked on multiplayer… Like most game from that gen.

Playing one of @Shpeshal_Nick favourites next - X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Oh yeah I understand, lack of time to play hurts a lot.

How old is your xbox? does it still work “properly”? Mine died like 10 years ago :c

Literally THE best God of War clone you will find and probably one of the best comic book/movie based games you’ll ever play


I upgraded when the slim released and has been going strong ever since. 2010.

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