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Thanks for posting that tweet, yup so that was posted 2 days ago and looking up the thread on resetera they posted their “leak” earlier today. So the poster on resetera very very easily could have posted a fake leak by copying other peoples information, then used that to claim legitimacy and post a bunch of made up stuff.


It was suspicious when Diablo got involved. Deliberately trying to hurt Xbox momentum.

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Yeah. I don’t keep up at all with the goings on at RE, so I’ve no idea if this user likes to post crap just for laughs but it certainly doesn’t seem to be enough reason to worry, I shall not.

so January we get high fi rush, maybe another event in febuary, March we will most likly get ghostwire and wolong in gamepass, april minecraft, redfall, junewho knows. Either way xbox is delivering fist half. Hopefully starfield and forza make it but i think they are 2nd half now


January: Hi-Fi Rush (and others)

February: Atomic Heart (and more)

March: Wo Long (GW:T and more)

April: Minecraft Legends

May: Redfall

At least one first party or AAA third party game to hit the service through May at least. Heck of a start to the year if they can get more of those 3rd party titles out too.



Yeah that part is odd, it’s not impossible but it would mean they got it all from a single source that has inside knowledge of Microsoft, multiple Bethesda studios and the currently completely unrelated Activision Blizzard.

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They certainly could all of the below are targetting this year:

Ark 2 Forza Motorsport Lies of P STALKER 2 Starfield

Theres a good chance there are others that we havent heard from yet.

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There’s been a bunch of hands on previews today for Hogwarts Legacy. I must say that im fucking stoked for this game and I don’t know shit about Harry Potter. lmao. It’s the most hyped I have been for an open world game since Immortals Fenyx Rising over two years ago. Already pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition for Xbox Series X and I’ll be on vacation that week. Oh man!!! :joy:

Have Capcom, Sega or Bandai Namco released any current generation only games?

No concerns. Microsoft released Pentiment, As Dusk Falls and an Xbox Series port of 2021’s Deathloop. They released nearly nothing so why would anyone expect them to sell a shit ton of consoles? 2023 will be a big year for Xbox consoles once all their games start releasing.

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Yeah it’s crazy how much people spend on it. There’s a whole section on the AVS forums for only high end equipment where a guy had Samsung’s the wall installed(think the TV alone was about $250k) and he had a genuine old school 20 odd seat cinema in his house.

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Monster Hunter Rise is now in top 10 most played. Good stuff.


It’s amazing how doom and gloom things can be like TGAs missing and such then just something like Hi-Fi Rush hits and it’s flipped so quickly.


If Hi-Fi Rush was announced there and release today, the interest wouldn’t be the same. This was calculated plan and it worked.


Simulation weekend.


2023 release is looking very good so far. A game every month.

January: Hi-Fi Rush, Goldeneye, AOE2 DE

February: Starfield (I’m speaking it into existence, 99% chance it won’t happen though.)

March: Ghostwire Tokyo

April: Minecraft Legends

May: Redfall

June: Forza Motorsport

We will know about the 2nd half after Xbox E3 showcase.

Yep. It’d have been drowned out by what Sony announced for sure.


Okay so here we go. That’s two smaller games in development due to recurring funding from Gamepass that have been released in the last five months, with the huge massive AAA games begining to drop.

Doom and gloom days could be behind us…


Noticed after the direct, Series S on Amazon reappeared in the top 100 best sellers in Aus after leaving for a bit, hit #84 and just checked again it’s at #64. Though not saying this is all on Hi-Fi Rush because it’s always been up and down but going from out of the top 100 and at #64 in less than 12 hours is cool to see.