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Anyone get anything good for black Friday? I just got the Lunar Shift Controller. that was about it. Hopeing for good gamepass/live deals monday


Nothing really. I grabbed the digital version of The Witcher 3 Complete Edition to replace my disc copy, that’s it.

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I personally tend to find the better deals are in December (the lead up to Christmas) or January (clearing bulk stock). The Black Friday deals tend to be a con IMO.

90% of items I was interested in were actually cheaper beforehand.


The best I saw was using CDKeys. They had 3 months GPU for $25, so around $100 for a full year. They also had 3 months GOLD that converts to 50 days GPU for around, so around $100 for a full year. Their prices have adjusted a little bit since then.


Do you happen to know if the codes on CDKeys expire if you don’t use them?

They have a whole bunch of 1 month GPU codes for UK/EU for super cheap so I wanted to pick some up but I still have another year of GPU to use and these codes don’t stack so I need to wait for my sub to expire

Edit: These codes are actually even cheaper on ebay so I think i’ll just wait until next year and hope prices are still just as cheap lol

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Thanks for the tip. 3-month (U.S.) codes for GPU are currently $28.99 at CD Keys. About $11 cheaper than the next best deal I’ve found.

Yeah, this year hasn’t even come close to last year for GPU at the normal places. That was surprising to me. I figured they would offer the same.

A good reminder to be careful when buying things online during this time of year.

I haven’t bought anything from GameStop in years but i’ve been getting into the habit of removing my card from sites I don’t visit often after buying whatever I need.


Extremely sound advice.

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Something light hearted from the twitterverse

The Sony companion:

The Sony Banter:


It will be funnier when Xbox will start releasing more first party games and they all will be different. They kinda already diverse, but the upcoming games are also different.

Though we can joke about Xbox & FPS or Xbox & RPG :joy:


I mean Xbox has been know as Shooter box for years. But these days Xbox has covered nearly all genres except (FPS, TPS, RPGs, Strategy, Simulators, Racing, and some more)for Third Persons Shooters and fighting games. JRPs which I do not care a lot about are slowly trickling in too.

Also Game Pass is a heaven for Indies too.


I agree. Xbox is a very healthy ecosystem even in their first party. And more to come :fire:

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If anyone still cared to learn something about Mastodon, here’s a good video.

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Joe & Mac are coming back, holy shit this brings me back to the SNES days when I was a kid, amazing memories.

It should be coming this month still, but I can’t find it in the Xbox store yet.


Looks interesting, but don’t see an Xbox logo at the end, only see Switch, PS4, PS5. Have you seem elsewhere that it was coming to Xbox as well? If not it’s probably not happening at the moment, maybe later.

Edit: Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 on November 24, 2022, followed by Xbox Series X|S and PC on December 1st. I’ve seen some times where stuff doesn’t show on the store until the day it released, so this isn’t the first time.

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It is coming to Xbox but only PS4/PS5/Switch have physical editions


Yes, my comment said it was coming to Xbox before you replied. But still an odd marketing choice to not include logo for Xbox and PC at end of trailer when they’re available digitally a week later. You’d think for what seems lome a low budget game they’d want to have stuff like that show up so they don’t miss sales.

I think a lot of indies are content with just Switch and PS logos. And on PC, I have always believed that people discover games there using Steam itself rather than marketing.

It’s very odd indeed. So it really IS coming to Xbox december 1st? Then it should be in the store next week.

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