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From what I’ve gather around the internet Microsoft is smashing it with the price drop in the UK…at least in Amazon.

It is also killing it here in Colombia in our bigest retailer (mercado libre) also thanks to the price drop, switch was first a couple of days ago but series se currently dethroned it. Would like to know if the series consoles are doing fine or just completely MIA (series X its still feels like trying to find a magial creature) feels like series S was born for this.

Also from what I’m understanding series consoles are not selling that hot anymore? @saintsflow20

Can’t speak for other places but in the UK Series S is at #16 for the year on Amazon, Series X is just below it at #19

Next highest is PS5 at #31, no switch in the top #50 which is surprising as I figured they’d have a lot of stock

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Crazy! it was at 33 before this week!

Yeah, I imagine they had a lot of stock for BF, it’s when I finally got mine

Series S biggest issue so far is that it doesn’t have that must have that next gen only title that brings in the casuals, if Fifa or MW2/Warzone 2 had went next gen only, Series S would be flying off the shelves without a price drop, Starfield would have brought a ton of people in too

I do wonder what happens next year, they will (hopefully) have a crazy amount of big titles next year, combining that with likely $200 and £175 or less in US/UK should be insane

Edit: Out of stock again in UK


I personally think this will be the pattern we will see with the Series S going forward: Lukewarm sales throughout the year and then it flying off the shelves as Microsoft targets Xmas gift shoppers with deals.

But as you say, hopefully next year the Series S will be even more compelling as the majority of games will be current gen.

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Series S just needs more bundles.


You’re talking about the Famitsu situation? I assume that’s why I was tagged lol.

The likely situation there is that Famitsu has been overtracking Xbox (and Switch btw) sales since somewhere in 2021. The “low” Xbox numbers we’re now seeing on Famitsu are most likely “course corrected” and are more accurate to what Xbox has actually always been selling in Japan. It’s more accurate to say they weren’t selling “that hot” there in the first place.

This is more on MS than JP consumers. The stock MS sends to Japan and other parts of Asia is very small (but it is worth noting, it’s easy to get a Series S there now. They’re usually in stock. But Series X stock is nonexistent there) And with holiday season kicking off in the West, that’s probably where MS wants their stock to be.

Here you can read Hiska-kun’s analysis on the mess Famitsu made with Switch sales

and as Chris says, Media Create is the preferred choice when JP companies report on sales

I’ve seen some wildly negative reactions to this elsewhere, but to me, whether Xbox has sold ~170k-180k (Media Create number or ~370k-380k (Famitsu number) in Japan so far barely makes a difference. It’s a low number either way and neither sways smaller JP devs without MS involvement (Western Xbox users showing up for JP games released on the system will also help a lot for this too, and that’s something MS needs to keep cultivating an audience for with GP releases)


That’s strange though because last week they only sold around 100 S’s there but over 1000 X’s, if they are readily available are they just not interested in the S over there while the X sells out?

I find it hard to believe there is that level of demand for a Series X but little to none for an S

Also is Amazon big in Japan the way it is here? Iv seen some people mention that Amazon sales don’t get tracked on those Famitsu/MC charts but I dont know if that’s true

I took a quick browse there and saw that the S is sold out there too

That’s how it is here, so not impossible.

IMO it’s still mainly very hardcore gamers who want an Xbox in Japan, so the Series S isn’t quite attractive. I don’t think the more casual audience has much interest in it.

True but I don’t think the ratio is as bad here, I would have thought the S would be more popular there with how small and sleek it is

At this point I think MS needs to bring Office to Xbox, along with a version of Photoshop and other work related apps. Get that not just for gaming feel going for it /j

Was googling a bit and found out some of the Sony fanboys that got banned from Gaf for being fanboys ( a tremendous achievement) created their own forum lol.

It’s as terrible as you think it would be lol.


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If I was buying the game digitally, I would still go with Xbox Series X version but the 48 hour early access is fucking shitty. The extra items though never amount to anything in any game.

I will kill some people if that happens

Phil wont let it happen. NG belongs on Xbox even if its not exclusive.

Anyone looking for cool demos on Xbox…

Sword and Fairy, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition (playable third person part too), Destroy all Humans 2.


My guess will be they’ll announce the date at VGA.


Yup!! I’m hoping it’s my birthday(1/20) or around then


Has anyone found any good Game Pass Ultimate deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

The last few years I have loaded up on 40% off 3-month cards every year at this time. This year the best I have found is buy one, get one 15% off (Target) or $5 off (Costco).

If these really are the best deals available it would seem to indicate a shift in Xbox’s effective pricing strategy - which I am not complaining about - it’s just interesting.