XboxEra Community Hangout |OT9| Waiting for Developer_E3

I’m personally skate or die with Twitter for life lol but I did see this posted the other day about hive.

The user name can’t be duplicated, I was making an account and the Kals was already taken. It’s the name on display that can be changed and duplicated just like on Twitter.

Like how I can be Valory Pierce@Kals_Els if I changed it.


Cool thanks for the clarification. I’m biased for Twitter since it’s my favorite website so it was probably easy for me to believe Hive was worse somehow. My bad.

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No problem, Hive still has some growing to do, but the fact that editing your post isn’t behind a pay wall is a good start. But there app and photo upload section takes a bit too long to load, probably too many photos on my phone. Although I will admit Twitter recently took 10 seconds to upload a screen shot that used to upload in about 2 seconds.


Yeah my biggest complaint with Hive is just how slow it is, hopefully this new interest in the app they can start to expand and really build on it.

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If they can get some investments and ad revenue Hive should be able to start hiring more people.

I’m going with November 2028.

I have Callisto pre-ordered. Don’t care about the season pass. Will play through the base game and that’s it. For Sony’s exclusive content, im pretty sure that it’s cosmetic which I never give two shits about. Really looking forward to the game next Friday and best of all, im off from work next Fri and Sat. Woohoo!!!

Deathloop being 2022 for Xbox instead of 2021 turned out to be a good thing since it’s the only AAA title Microsoft published this year. And Ghostwire is probably early April 2023.

I can see those games having marketing deals with Sony but I don’t see any of them being timed exclusive. At most, some exclusive content which if it’s cosmetic only, who cares?

CDPR is awesome!!! The Witcher 3 was my game of the generation for PS4/XBO. I may have to make it win again after I play the upgraded version next year some time. I will be playing on performance.

Hahahaha. So true.


As someone who’s a little older Hive definitely seems like it skews more to the “look at me” of instagram. Personally I’m feeling the community on Mastodon more. Definitely skews more to the older crowd and more information/microblogging.


I myself think that I will be using both, as I like the information and Microblogging of Mastodon. But I also like the general vibe of Hive that seems more about Fandom/casual blogging based.

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From PS Store:

Contraband pack Get access to an exclusive Contraband Pack when purchasing The Callisto Protocol for PlayStation, which provides access to items to aid you in your survival earlier in the game.

48 hour Early access for DLC Purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition or Season Pass and get early access to upcoming DLC, available 48 hours before other platforms.

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Series S seems to be finally sold out on Amazon UK

It’s been #1 best selling in games since BF week started and seemed to keep getting restocks but it seems to finally be out now, still £190 on MS store and £200 at argos I think

Getting extra items in survival horror games has always felt stupid af to me


Cross posting Newegg Xbox e-giftcard deal from deals thread:


There’s a two hour trial of Chernobylite

Both of these are thankfully totally pointless “perks”. I still can’t believe that Sony spends money on such BS “advantages”…should the Playstation fanbase feel “special” or something? does anyone give a fuck? :phil_lmao:

About the season pass controversy it’s content seems like it’s not cut from the game since it will be available next year, still shitty that the new difficulty mode will be behind a paywall but sadly Naughty Dog and Nintendo did it and got away with it (hopefully this won’t become a trend). At least this won’t be a Resident Evil 7 situation where Capcom started to roll out season pass content a week after the release of the game, thank god they didn’t pull that shit again.

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This is exactly what makes Craig Cultist feel special. Sony is looking after me, I’m special mom, I am.


with it being black friday anyone know of any good deals on gamepass or live? I just got the luner colored controller

The audio already is super good in this game, but even better? Aw shit let’s go! This absolutely could have been a full priced remaster of the game at this point.

Yet it’s free.


Looking forward to diving into this game again when the update drops. I’ve begun it a couple times but never followed through.


Finally back after a real tough week away

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Series S back in stock at Amazon UK

Xbox saw it drop to #2 most sold and wasn’t having it :philwins:

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