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The artwork as always is the case looks lovely. But I assume this is just general artwork? Sounds like Compulsion has interesting stuff in the making. Is this a good source though? The Rare thing is new and I’m having a bit of a hard time believing it yet, they are on sea of thieves and Everwild. And god knows when that comes out.


Nine times out of ten when you have to ask Is this person a good source?

They aren’t, lol




Im sorry :sob::rofl:

No I’m not.


I started Sackboy: A Big Adventure today and the game is really fun.

I now trust Sumo to make a good Banjo game.


I’m waiting for it to end up on PS+ some day, it looks fun but there’s just too many games I’d rather buy first :sweat_smile:


It had been in my wishlist for a while. I was able to grab it for 13 bucks so I went for it.

I say you could wait a little more if you don´t find it cheap, it will end up on PS+ most likely as you say.

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The Callisto Protocol – Live-Action TV Spot (Red Band)

The only first party Xbox game I expect to see at the Game Awards, anything else is a bonus.

That was neat. Let’s hope the game delivers. It is promising for sure.

I think it has a big chance of showing up, but only Redfall would be very disappointing, ngl. Hope they’ll manage to surprise us again ala Hellblade 2 last year.

I think they’ll have something “new”

Whether that’s gameplay of an already announced game like PD or CG/In engine of something like Compulsion or inXile, something further out than 2023

Cultists you say? lol

Not sure if anyone saw the stuff about Balenciaga today. I mean I am not big on conspiracy stuff at all and often just ignore it. But this is some sick shit, the fact that they truly have a marketing campaign like this. And once you really dive a little more into it and find out about additional insane details…just wtf man, what a world this is.

Had not heard about it, so for anyone else curious:

How does something like this even get past the drawing board? Sick people.

I need to leave for a bit so I can’t read the article right now. But I saw videos about it earlier this evening by people that summarised it and I have no words.

Children holding teddybears that are wearing bondage outfits, apparently there’s something really sinister about the eyes too. In one of the photos documents can be seen that apparently are about cp, in another photo there’s also visible the side of a book by a Michael Borremans and the content of the book is all kinds of fucked up. Like children dressed in robes, ritual shit.

They can apologise all they want, there’s no way they didn’t know wtf they were doing. For sure multiple people saw this there and approved of it.

Less bad I guess are the empty wine glasses but even that shouldn’t be there. I’m jusr beyond baffled and disgusted to be honest.

It’s no conspiracy, they “apologized” effectively admitting it and then deleted their socials. Some real sick rich people out there trying to normalize their sick desires.

Definitely no conspiracy no. I worded it wrong. I was watching TikTok videos and that’s when I found out. Most of the time I immediately scroll away, don’t have time for nonsense but this is very real.

It’s also a company Kim Kardashian is in full support of, it’s freaking insane.