XboxEra Community Hangout |OT8| Waiting for E3 2023

As much as they gobble up studios and IP’s (gobble, gobble) I have yet to see anything from them that makes me distrust them.

still makes me wonder budget of these games because i feel they might not get a big enough budget

I’m sure they’ve talked about before how their bread and butter is remasters, remakes and AA’s. Like while Microsoft does AAA’s with a few smaller titles like Pentiment slotted in, Embracer are the opposite

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11/11/22… but the 0 ?


Its probably a SoP on the 30th


Supposedly it’s binary and if so, it may be on 30th, which could mean SoP for GoWR.

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It would be the only way to explain the 0 at the end, while at the same time confirming Jason info about the release date being revealed this month.

Makes me wish they didn’t buy them tbh because I feel we’re not going to get the big enough budget for these newer entries. Hope I am wrong

I think Microsoft or any platform holder would still be able to fund and publish the next Tomb Raider if they wanted to so this would be the only way I could see the budget remain high. While we haven’t seen embracer develop their own AAA game they do work with platform holders (Sony/KOTOR) and (Microsoft/Perfect Dark. They’ve said they wanted to continue to work on PD) and they said they wanted to deepen their relationship with platform holders.

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1110 binary = 14 decimal

Does not align with the 30th unless you’re counting half-days instead of days. :laughing:

Unless its not 1110 that’s shown blinking.

there are 4 1’s so its 11110 that adds 16 to it

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So you’re counting before the blink?

11110 binary = 30 decimal

Anyways, this is silly indeed. :slight_smile:

If God of War Ragnarok releases in November, it would give me 6 games in a span of 3 months. Come on Ubi, over stack November with Avatar!!!

I liked the first game but have 0 hype for this game


Obviously the zero is referring to zeroing out, aka deleting, aka cancelling. In other words, Sony’s announcing the cancellation of God of War: Ragnarok on 11/11.

It’s the only logical and realistic conclusion.

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I heard Lake Mead is days away from being empty Lake Mead - Wikipedia . Scary times. My wife is worried about how much longer South America can still produce coffee, I told her she should be good for at least 5 more years. My house is in Minnesota with the Mississippi River literally in my backyard so global warming is mostly okay here for now. *ends existential dread moment and goes back to playing Xbox *

Not gonna lie, the CGI trailers they showed for this game didn’t do much for me. I saw a random gameplay vid on Twitter a few days ago and thought the gameplay actually looked kinda sick. Im more interested in the game now that I seen how it play.

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