XboxEra Community Hangout |OT8| Waiting for E3 2023

I heard pentiment is comming to other consoles. Has anyone else heard this? Apparatly there was a listing somewhere else? I hope I’m wrong

Blade Runner Enhanced Edition is available and pretty cheap (only 9,99$). I’m going to try it. Really intrigued by the concept of the game. It feels like it was way ahead of its time.


Oct 18 for the plague tale requiem


Lordy Lord, from fine temperatures like 20 or so yesterday, 30 today, it’s just too much. Hail to the airco though, me and the girl wouldn’t have coped in this goddamn house otherwise.

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Was just going to post this. Was hoping for mid-August. September to December are going to be stacked and packed. Requiem looks excellent.

For me -

  • Steel Rising / September 8th
  • Evil West / September 20th
  • A Plague Tale Requiem / October 18th
  • Gotham Knights / October 25th
  • The Callisto Protocol / December 2nd

I’m expecting God of War Ragnarok and Avatar to be November. Yay!!! Nothing better than 5+ games in a span of three months while April through August is basically empty for me. UGH.

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I still have hopium for Evil West to announced for Game Pass

That would be great. Does Sony have the marketing deal for the game? I always check to see what games they have marketing deals for because I know those games aren’t coming to Game Pass day one so I try not to get my hopes up.

Yeah, it’s pretty hot right now in Europe. The south, like Spain and the Mediterranean were suffocating this past week. I’m glad the Series X seems to manage the heatwaves well, as my One X would have sounded like an hairdryer or basically died already. At least the worst is behind us, the coming days will be cooler.

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No marketing deal for this one. Even Plague Tale, I don’t think MS have a marketing deal, just a Game Pass deal.

That’s weird. You would think that if Microsoft has a Game Pass deal that it would automatically include a marketing deal. You’re probably right though because there’s already a blogpost about Requiem on the PS Blog.

As for Evil West, I would love for it to be on Game Pass day one but im not expecting it to be. If it happens, I just hope they announce it two weeks in advance so I know.

For Evil West it might be a developer choice, or they want to see how the new IP does on its own first and then they’d consider GP (like Death’s Door).

Wouldn’t it be the publisher’s choice? I can’t see a developer having any say in the matter if the publisher is funding and marketing the game. If it’s up to the publisher, that would be Focus so that could increase the possibility of it happening.

I believe It is eventually up to the publisher but I think sometimes they would give the developer I say, depending on contract or something

I follow this then !

2014 : Titanfall

2015 : Ori and the Blind Forest / Bloodborne

2016 : DOOM

2017 : Prey

2018 : Ashen / Kingdom Come Deliverance

2019 : Day’s Gone

2020 : Ori and the Will of the Wisps

2021 : Halo Infinite / Sable

2022 : (for now) Rogue Legacy 2

Yeah, true. A good publisher would actually inquire about it with the developer or at the very least, give the development studio their fair share of a day one Game Pass payday.

Yeah for sure. But of all days this had to be the hot one, I’m going to a hiphop show tonight and I hope to god they got AC there, lmao.

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The confusion seems to be from the link below:

It says ‘console launch exclusive’ - it could genuinely be a a wording error as it also says that for As Dusk Falls.

Maybe someone can ask MS for clarification.


“Set reasonable expectations”. Shots fired!!!