XboxEra Community Hangout |OT8| Waiting for E3 2023

Hardware Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. Switch OLED Model – 22,860 (1,899,156)
  2. Switch – 19,907 (18,399,758)
  3. Switch Lite – 7,638 (4,761,895)
  4. Xbox Series S – 3,423 (130,076)
  5. Xbox Series X – 3,272 (108,983)
  6. PlayStation 5 – 2,371 (1,451,795)
  7. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 664 (242,208)
  8. New 2DS LL (including 2DS) – 215 (1,187,058)
  9. PlayStation 4 – 18 (7,819,701)

That PS5 stock is absolutely horrendous

Nevertheless :philwins:

By the end of the generation, Xbox Series will be million seller in Japan. Hell, maybe it will be the best selling Xbox in Japan :sunglasses:


How did the PS5 hit 1.4 million units in Japan ? I feel like every other month they have 0 stock there.

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Launch period was really dynamic, even if many of the hardware sold was scalped one.

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It feels like MS underestimated how much Series consoles would sell worldwide early on while Sony, having all the momentum, produced more than they did early on with PS4 and enjoyed huge supplies in the first year of the console launches.

Seems to me like MS is waking up and getting everything they can get their hands on, maybe paying premium I really don’t know. Guess at this point everyone is trying their best to get their hands on as much supply as possible, maybe MS is just having an easier time securing foundry time thanks to higher funding on their part, I really have no clue. Lately though they seem to be doing really well, so for sure they must have readjusted how much they are producing to meet a higher demand.

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Hopefully xbox capitalizes on this momentum and funds even more Japanese Games .


The thing is that it sells without any first party or even exclusive games :joy:

But I like how there is already thread on Era that Supply is a problem for PS in Japan :joy:

Good God Assassin’s Creed Origins is so gorgeous in 60fps


I’ll also continue this.

2017: Persona 5 / NIer Automata. It’s too close I would call these some of my favourite games of all time so, they’re both getting listed.
2018: Red Dead Redemption 2
2019: Outer Wilds
2020: The Last of Us Part 2
2021: Psychonauts 2 (this one was really close between Halo and Forza but I already cheated on 2017 so I had to pick one)


Starting with Kojima was honestly a big ass statement. I also feel they wanted Wo Long to be a publishing partnership but couldn’t get to that point and were only able to get it for Game Pass which, hey, is honestly also a great partnership still.


Wo Long feels like a bigger announcement than people are realizing imo. Not only is it a return for Team Ninja back on Xbox, but it’s also a AAA third party title launching straight into gamepass.


Honestly, the whole japanese section at the showcase was a really big statement, the biggest since the 360 generation.


Honestly it might be the lack of gameplay. People weren’t so sure what kind of game it was, even though it’s easy to assume if you know Team Ninja and their recent output.

Lol, maybe so. A lot of the reaction I saw were like “It’s a musou game!” after seeing KT, and then they proceeded to completely ignore the “Team Ninja” logo.

Also, I was a bit sad at how few people seemed to recognize Lu Bu…


I always forget how good Psychonauts 2 was, probably #2-3 for me last year. Chicory was just a special experience. RDR2 is one I “beat” and would love to spend more time in but…too many games! I hope people keep this going, it’s awesome to look back and remember some absolute stellar games.

Series outsells ps5 in japan again.


Initial preorders before Sony figured out they were merely exporting and scalping them to other markets?

Edit: What Marcheur said.