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Silent protagonist was annoying af in Persona 5. Entire cast talks but main character doesn’t… the only customization is the name lol. How about not letting someone set the name in your story driven RPG? I just end up picking my dogs name anyway

I really hope Isaac is fully voiced for the remake.

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Oh that’s a relief. I thought it was very jarring that he was a mute since he is a very distinct character with a lot of interactions.

Look forward even more to playing the sequel soon then :slight_smile:

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5 is the game that feels really flawed to me but I keep going back to, there’s something that just really works in the presentation of the cult and it’s villains - and I think the music is a big part of it. I did recently play 6 though and was surprised how much fun I had with it, it feels a lot more consistent than 5 even if it maybe doesn’t excel massively in any areas like 5 did. Except the gunplay, that felt like such a great improvement over 5.

Me too, I’ll play it again for that alone I think. Great game, scary af at times.

I will be playing it for the first time. Was hoping for a gameplay trailer this June but we get to wait to October.

Finished watching the final season of Ozark. Enjoyed it but the last few episodes felt like they didn’t know exactly what to do and it was all over the place. Not a fan of the actual ending/conclusion but overall, series itself is great.

damn . I was thinking of finishing it today . Alot of people are saying that the ending is a mess .

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You can add this too

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I wonder if we’ll hear about FPS Boost or even Resolution Boost anytime soon. I remember they were showing off resolution boost before the Series X came out and I’m surprised we haven’t heard much about it since.

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Resolution boost would be awesome indeed. Some games that will really benefit from something like this like Lords of Shadow, Arkham Knight, Dead Space 2, The Phantom Pain & TEW1 could look amazing with a resolution boost, hopefully Jason Ronald and the talented team that was responsible for the amazing BC program still have something in the works regarding resolution. :pray:


Arkham Knight & The Phantom Pain would be perfect for a resolution boost!


Furi devs shared some info, claiming Haven didn’t sell at all on Xbox.

I don’t know what to say? GP is good or bad for 3P?

Not surprised, the game is not good at all and we have others devs that have shared how good gamepass has been for their games.


their data… only represents their game. let’s use some critical thinking here.


It’s on a game by game basis, not every game will be perform the same.

Some will tank by being on gamepass, others will thrive on it.

Dynamic Background Editor app leaks for Xbox :eyes:


There are too many variables at play, some games will benefit, some will not

If your game is good and gets virality, I imagine it would boost sales, if your game isn’t very good and nobody is talking about it, it likely wont

Which one do you think Haven falls under?

Plus lets not pretend sales are the end all be all here, they didn’t put their game on GP for free