XboxEra Community Hangout |OT7| Define "AAAA"

As much as it would suck that Sony might have done something so that these more recent games can’t come to Game Pass, and maybe turn up on their service instead…it’s not the end of the world. Just as long as these newly to be announced games will come to Xbox day and date.

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i think it was expected to show up there just bc… well it’s star wars, but yeah. I think it’ll show at the xbox show now if not SGF. More likely Xbox.

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Grubb was right once again!


Keep praying he’s wrong about Kojima, haters.

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Hyped for Survivor as Fallen Order was my 2nd best game of 2019 so very much looking forward to this!!

Created a thread for it: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor teaser trailer - releasing 2023 - Gaming - XboxEra

o look i was wrong. nice

Anyone still doubting Grubb’s legitimate is crazy

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Guarantee that they’re going to lose subs this year, if it’s at 25M don’t expect any announcement that it’s grown this year unless something big happens ei Modern Warfare 2 dropping on Game Pass

Kind of agree but there are some games that are inexcusable ei Pokemon Arceus doesn’t look good even by Switch standards

All the pokemon games look hideous

Considering how much money they make its insulting they look the way they do but they dont care because they know they can pump out any old garbage and people eat it up every year

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The Pokemon Eevee Pikachu Go games don’t look terrible but have that weird chibi look. Pokken also looked good

Well, Pokemon games are Game Freak, not Nintendo. Game Freak is infamously incompetent.

We can’t get enough of CGI hype trailers

It was Goty 2020 ( because I played it in 2020 )

High hopes from the sequeal as well

‘We don’t understand this system as well as we thought we did.’

I’m pretty suuuuuuure this is how a lot of zombie apocalypses start in movies :rofl:


The games are still pretty fun though! I guess I’m just not as heavy in Into production values if a game is fun. :grinning: For example, the FF series look and feel amazingly AAA, but I’d much rather play Suikoden, BOF3/4, etc.


kinda sus how heavy the xbox collab is. There has to be something to it right?

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console design ? sure . A game ? no .

Apparently an “interactive experience”.