Star Wars Jedi: Survivor teaser trailer - releasing 2023



Jedi Fallen Order was my 2nd best game of 2019 so im super hyped for Survivor and im not even what you would classify as being a Star Wars fan. lol

Glad to see it’s only “2023” instead of a window or actual release date. EA should give Respawn all the time they want/need.

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I will be there day one.

This is going to be epic

New Inquisitor?

EDIT: Mysterious Senator

Single Blade!


Cal’s still the Protag


Apparently, that’s not the Grand Inquisitor but a senator.

Also, here’s a Star Wars dotcom article on the game - SWCA 2022: Respawn’s Stig Asmussen Talks Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Reflects on Its Predecessor - Exclusive |

Awesome, really enjoyed Jedi Fallen Order, and Survivor should be able to fix many of the minor issues I had with the first one. Hope we see more soon at either SGF or the Xbox show.


i really liked Fallen Order but would have hoped for a new protagonist. Ah well, still looking forward to this.

I didn’t finish Fallen Order because the Souls style combat doesn’t appeal to me. Give me a “hack and slash for dummies” setting in the sequel. :crazy_face:


I didn’t finish it either, but it was more due to the puzzles really hated them in this game

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I don’t like souls combat either, but apparently this was different… cause I loved this game.

I liked those too… hah


Fallen Order had no stamina mechanic (why would a Jedi need this lame ass shit anyway?), that makes its combat system already better than Dark Souls.


And you don’t lose what you gained when you die. Souls like combat is there to an extent and enemies respawn when you save but compared to an actual souls game, Jedi was near perfect. Plus, there’s difficulty levels so if anything, it’s a souls lite lite game. lol


This looks fire


The title needs to change. It sounds like an online mode rather than a sequel.

Nice, I liked the first one a good amount (even as a star wars hater), I hope this one build upon the stregth of the first game and avoids the miss steps of the first could be a banger then :slight_smile:

It was a Souls-lite metroidvania cinematic action adventure mashup. The reason I liked it enough and was surprised by was the metroidvania part. But man was it buggy.

I like to hear this. Similar thing. Although I almost dropped it due to unskipabble cutscenes.

Great to see some creative freedom in an almost all “GaaS/ FPS” company such EA. Hopes for an extended gameplay footage later this year.

Really hope they iterate on the combat and add some improvements. Felt way too basic in the first and would love for it to be more fleshed out