Star Wars Jedi: Survivor teaser trailer - releasing 2023

I see that the announcement of a sequel to a great game managed for some reason to bring Souls haters (which is funny because it’s pretty clear that they were big influences for Fallen Order) in this thread. :thinking:

From games seem to make a lot of people really mad for some reason. You should at least play some Souls games (for more than 10 minutes) before commenting on them. :stuck_out_tongue: :phil_lmao:

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fallen order was the game of the year 2019 for me, very happy and excited about it, I wish Stig Asmussen the director, his magical touches in God of War 3 was the gateway to the success of the game at all levels

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Should I resume playing the first one? I quit after about an hour bc. it felt quite railroadish. Like, climb this excact route, walk this one narrow corridor etc. Does it “open up” a little later on? Oh and the fights against long range enemies were super boring.

It opens up after the set-pieces heavy, super linear intro. Fallen Order is actually a really good 3D metroidvania (Zeffo is one amazingly designed level/planet). If that sounds interesting to you I’d say give it another chance.

Enjoy reloading areas to complete side quests in souls games like you’re playing a PS1 game.

You are right, I’ll stop playing those games because I have to reload areas to progress side quests…that’s a really good reason to never play From’s games again. Thank god that you opened my eyes! :phil_lmao:

Not a Star Wars fan BUT…

I probably get it🐶




So it’s been a day for everyone and it seems I’m the only one to think this is a bad title name.

It seems like people will hear about Star Wars Jedi Survivor and assume it’s an online mode and not a brand new triple A sequel. So you guys like the name?

I don’t get the online mode vibes at all… this might be a you-thing tbh :wink:

The first level is the worst. I didn’t like it. Play further along, it opens up and gets really good.

No one is going to think that.

Man… 2023 is looking STACKED, but this will easily be in my top 5 excited for games.

Thanks a lot. That does sound enticing. Story heavy very scripted games turn me really off, so I was disappointed when I first played it. I’ll give it another shot then :partying_face:


All true. I enjoyed it because it’s my type of game first and foremost but the combat was real good and better than I was expecting. Looked great, excellent music and voice acting. Really enjoyed the story and characters. Plus it has Forest Whittaker in it who I like so that was a bonus.

I’m not a Star Wars fan either. Have never seen a single movie and most likely never will but the TV shows on Disney are real good plus I do prefer TV shows over movies and game wise, I do want more of Marvel/DC/Star Wars stuff because now especially, they’re pretty damn good and are usually more geared towards someone like me who’s not an online gamer.

It’s called Survivor because it takes place 5 years later and Cal is the last Jedi and he’s just trying to survive. Name isn’t the best but im not going to care once im playing the game. Fallen Order was an easy 9/10 for me so im expecting this one to at the very least match it. I’m not expecting any online modes for the game and I hope it stays that way to be perfectly honest.

Hahaha. I’m the complete and total opposite. lol

Even if you’re not into the story/characters, the combat and gameplay is really good.

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