XboxEra Community Hangout |OT5| Season of the Infinite.. Arguments

Just because Crackdown didnt deliver and reviewed badly doesnt mean Scalebound didnt deserve to be cancelled or was likely to be better

None of us know what shape it was in other than the first few trailers but games dont get cancelled if they are in good shape, the fact that Crackdown didnt while SB did would suggest it wasn’t good, not good at all

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i didn’t say SB would be good but i said the game would give them better result, better sales and More GP Players over CD 3, you have JRPG Genre haven’t Touched in years by xbox and xbox lack this genre.

also Phil Would cancel both of these games if xbox had more projects in the work at that time.

The fact that it was cancelled suggests otherwise though

To them giving it more time and money would have been a waste, some people are looking through the logic of, “well Crackdown released and was crap, so why couldnt they let Scalebound have a chance too” instead of the more logical, “Crackdown was bad, so just how bad was Scalebound in order to be cancelled”


I think it’s a lot easier to throw money at an internal project than it is an XGSP one.

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We’ll be hosting our annual ‘‘XboxEra Community Game of the Year’’ vote again starting this Saturday. We’ll have members enter their lists for their top 10 games of 2021. Besides that we are changing one aspect this year. Last year members had the option to name their favourite Ongoing Game of the Year. This year we’ll give people the option to enter a Top 3 ongoing games, as the industry is heading towards GaaS titles more and more. So, good news for all you Destiny 2, Warzone, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, FFXIV, TES:O, Minecraft, etc. fans.

So; you can already prepare your top 10 games of 2021 (or less if you haven’t played as many), and top 3 ongoing games (excluding 2021 games)

Just waiting for the artwork and finishing up our ‘‘GOTY 2021: Editors’ Picks’’ feature. Besides this we’re also working on our ‘‘Most Anticipated Games of 2022’’ list. What Are Your Most Anticipated Games of 2022?

So don’t forget to vote on that one!


This too, not to mention not having to deal with people in other countries and language issues which afaik, was a major problem at the time

nah they bet on safer route and it was known IP Crackdown 3, at the end of 2016 xbox didn’t have big budget they closed down Lionhead and decided to cancel SB. in 2017 satya approached Phil and asked him why they are in gaming. the end result of that meeting was MS Going all in gaming and the rest is history.

Had my nephew over today and we played Lego games, those are just great with kids.

Not so great, quite frankly rather ridiculous are the amount of bugs. We had Lego the movie Videogame crash, we had a bug in Lego Harry Potter where we couldn’t switch characters and thus not able to progress through the level, in DC Villains we had a autosave icon stuck loading and so on.

Basically the dev never bothered fixing these. Makes me uncertain whether to buy Skywalker Saga immediately or wait.

It still is, I mean, how many japanese Xbox games are announced? 0 How many are rumoured? One and it’s from the most westernized director over there, he’s even a Hollywood darling. XD


I can’t understand how language, culture or anything really is a problem for one of the biggest corporations in the world.


Always been, anything non native english speaking is difficult for MS.

not sure If I asked this but when do you think we get more campaign dlc for halo Infinite? Im thinking 2023, 25, 27 etc

I hope 2022 but 2023 probably more realistic.

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So what you’re saying is that it’s a 7.0/10 game now but what was it at launch?

Awesome!!! How long will the topic be “active” before being closed to tally all the votes and results? Thanks.

I really, really hope 2022. Otherwise there is nothing for me, I don’t care about co-op or Forge. Spending an entire year adding stuff that was supposed to be there for launch is going to suck. Will be like Cyberpunk 2077 for me, great game but all they do post launch is trying to fix a game I have allready completed. bleh

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What you mention is one of the things that really confuses me about the new xbox management. For everything that happened in the past generation, I would hope that they were more aware of the things they have to fix, at this time they should have 4 or 5 Japanese games in development of all sizes, it is the most neglected area.

And if the games from the new studios are released only in the english language as Psychonauts 2 I will really be disappointed.

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We’ve heard the feedback from last year, so I’ll keep it open for at least the entirety of January.

Awesome!!! Gives me plenty of time to play through Biomutant. Woohoo!!! Thanks.