XboxEra Community Hangout |OT5| Season of the Infinite.. Arguments

There’s some exaggerating, but I consider the physical game not containing the game a legitimate complaint. And on Halo, Xbox’s biggest IP of all things? They packaged Flight Sim with 2 discs so that it could be installed with the discs, why’d they skimp on Halo?

Damn what a gigantic mess, hopefully Joseph does a major overhaul regarding management in this studio.

Yeah, although the game seems to have turned out well, I always got the impression that it was supposed to be far more ambitious than its current form

Agreed man, I don’t recall anyone saying this.

The closest thing to that was Jez lmao, did he really cite Jez’s comments as “gamers say”

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Please keep the Bloomberg Halo Infinite talk in its own thread. Kthnxbi.

All those kids who played gta San Andreas from the Grey Market piracy are now getting Jobs and buying games




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It’s already low cost compare to big markets like US and EU

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Off-topic - Since you posted this meme, check this out:


So those rumors about Dr Dre and Snoop and something GTA…

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yeah I saw this yesterday lol

First thing to come to mind - goddamn we’re getting old :skull:

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Gta V story DLC ? Guess I’m going to download GTA V again after 8 years .

Online only though, not singleplayer story DLC. So you’ll have to cope with other players and I bet it’s not exactly fun anymore, if it ever was,tbh.

lmfao didn’t see the big ass ONLINE :phil_lmao: Fuck this then .


I would have screamed it off the rooftops if this was actual SP content, that would be huge after so many years of just nothing for SP. I think it was 2014 or so that there was talk of actual SP content, Franklin voice actor even spoke about it…but I guess it just wasn’t worth it when they saw what a ridiculous succes GTAO had become because of all those people happily buying shark cards.




damn .

My feelings with RDR2. I love the game, probably my favourite game ever, but the lack of SP post launch content is making me very sad. For me, RDR Online is horrible. The second you see xXbUnNY39291Xx jumping around is when the whole game collapses and everything that makes it good is thrown out the window in a Prog-like manner.

I would have thrown so much money at them for SP DLC, so much. Not spent a cent on the Online travesty.

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I wish I cared more about Suicide Squad