Inside the Development of Halo Infinite - Jason Schreier article

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Halo Infinite’s creative direction was also in flux until unusually late in its development. Several developers described 343 as a company split into fiefdoms, with every team jockeying for resources and making conflicting decisions. One developer describes the process as “four to five games being developed simultaneously.”

As a player, Staten liked how computer-controlled Marines in earlier versions would join up with him on his battles. At the time he took over, he says, Marines in Halo Infinite were programmed to stay frustratingly close to the spots where the player first encountered them. “Every once in a while I run into a couple of Marines,” Staten says. “But they kind of stay where they are, and they don’t join me on my adventure, and they’re not part of that heroic feeling that you get from classic Halo games.”

In short

Keep Staten there


Two-thirds of the game was cut , Staten is a superhero and the game engine is “technically bankrupt” … Great article tho . Love this and we need more of this .


That sounds like a lot of content, damn.

Read the quotes, it’s no wonder things went this way and even more amazing it turned out this well. Based Joseph.

Engine is technically bankrupt? Not good for a new engine, hope they’ll sort it out. The 2018 trailer is still SO good.


I literally got blocked by Schrier for saying he should have let 343 have their day without controversy.


A very reasonable thing for you to say, but Jason is not reasonable. He writes good pieces, and that’s about it.

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you’re better off tweeting at Kamiya


yea he is like that . But he does this with every big game .

Halo 2 flashbacks


He’s blocked others for less than that

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Is that the guy who blocks if you speak English lol

Edit : yes it is.


yup and calls you an insect too :phil_lmao:

Seems borderline xenophobic.

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I was expecting much much worse lol, it’s pretty much what we all expected. I hope MS looks into 343 after Halo Infinite to give them a more stable studio. People leaving 343 always felt off but it’s clear as day now it’s just a contract thing, which should be fixed. I do remember recently hearing about how MS likes to have contract workers because they’re not considered full time employees so MS won’t need to pay them benefits and medical things, I think this needs to change because studios need constants not a rapid flow of changing faces imo.

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So it was going for actual open world and much larger.

I don’t know man, I think it’s probably a good thing the world isn’t this gigantic. Size isn’t always everything, absolutely not.


MS and 343 relied on contract workers who they replaced after 18 months . I dont think this is good for creativity . This is the real story in the article imo .


This was about the old engine. Jason does not mention if part of it has been reused on the Slipspace engine.


I don’t think they would have contract workers on lead creative roles I’d assume it’ll be more “grunt” work for the lack of better term (I love all devs, you too QA)


Got it, good to know.

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