Inside the Development of Halo Infinite - Jason Schreier article

Anyway… halo isn’t halo without development hell.

Most of bungie including Joseph Staten, had to sleep in the studio during the last few months of halo 2 development.


Doesn’t most AAA games rely on contract workers?


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Imagine word of this getting out now days, yikes that would burn down any studio online.

:eyes:so basically 343 is a studio with bad management and that impacts their creative ability?

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Exactly, bigger world doesn’t automatically means it was gonna be better especially since the team didn’t have a clear vision. Asking Staten for help was a godsend for the game.


So, management, direction, vision, contractor, and technical/engine difficulties all together, hell. It’s a miracle we got Halo Infinite this good.

343 needs restructure in all of those areas.


That’s for sure, things need a drastic change there. Whoever’s responsible for making sure that’s ok I hope they can work it out.

Different times… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thankfully, crunch to that extremity doesn’t seem to happen anymore.

Sounds like to me they needed someone to be a rock for the studio that has everyone under control and know what they are doing and working their best work. Like in the article it says that it was like developing 5 different games, I think 343i has the case of too many cooks in the kitchen, they need a figure head that everyone trusts and backs.

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Jason is the most thin skinned journalist iv ever seen on Twitter and thats saying something

OT: That’s a lot of cut content, should make for some meaty DLC’s hopefully and im not surprised engine issues caused a lot of problems, seems to be an issue for many devs

Also now that the game is out and been well recieved on both campaign and multiplayer, that removes a lot of stress for the team and they can finally just get to work and not dredd failing anymore


I think building on proprietary tech that is hard to use and based in old code, while also relying on contractors who are not familiar with it and are also only with you for 18 months, isn’t the brightest idea of running your game development operation to be honest.


I think they were going to try allow us to explore the entire ring, but that it got cut because too much going on and now we will get them as either free addons or paid expansions.


Y’all bringing up more negatives about this article that OtherERA.


It’s amazing this article is so positive from Jason and actually uses the word “Triumph”.

I was 100% expecting this article to be a “nail-in-the-coffin” style piece for more than a year.


Tbh the article just confirms what we all expected lol. 343 was a leaderless mess and that got addressed when Staten got there.

Which makes me question what is Bonnie doing


Out of respect for 343 you wait a few days after the campaign has launched…

But why should I expect anything different.


Transmedia projects that went nowhere.

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I don’t think anyone has been overly negative huh, just chatting about the contents of the article. The whole article is actually a good thing because it seems like MS is listening in giving the team more time and such.


If they don’t want people to they think they deliberately cut content to sell as DLC, it might be better to have the first 1-2 DLC be free.

just launch all of those on gamepass for free instead