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The Invincible looks like my type of game as expected. LFG

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I’ve seen a billboard ad for Back 4 Blood and Gamepass near my house today. Pretty nice. It seems like marketing for GP is kicking off in France at the moment !


Marketing been good for the third parties that drop these weeks like Far Cry and Back 4 Blood.

*at least here in the americas

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When it comes out , true, but when I decided to play the whole game and expansion a month or two ago the 60fps was very welcome. I probably wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.

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I really love the graphics and artstyle, it looks so good and super polished. When I saw the screenshots I was instantly seduced. The retro futuristic style and atmosphere really grabbed me. Please be good.

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Oh I did the whole main game with it and it was sublime lmao. Cant imagine that game at 30fps.

What do you mean? As the patch coming too late?

As in the game will have an FPS Boost that is useless as a result. Already happened With Tomb Raider.

60 fps is useless indeed as we already have it through BC but they might add upres and better textures, things like that, the most interesting thing for me.

I would like the same to happen for BF4. 720 is killing my eyes on a big screen.

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@beastmode10 @PCPrincipal

Unrelated but this is huge positive news.

Apple’s deprecation of OpenGL in favor of their own Metal api meant tools that rely heavily on OpenGL for several things would stop receiving support on mac platform. With this move, apple personally investing in not just Blender’s development but also having actual apple developers working with blender to make it compatible with their current APIs and standards. I’m not at all a mac user but recognize that a lot of designers and artists use that ecosystem, and this will be a dream come true for them.


Wtf some of you have with flagging everything and hiding behind when we express our opinion. It’s the truth it’s the same thing as we already heard way before. It’s not like I’ve said something controversial. Calm down on that a bit would you. Thanks!



So I hate to bring up OtherERA drama, but I will say that I was following the acquisition all day, and I greatly appreciate how transparent @Sikamikanico @Knottian @Doncabesa @OneBadMutha and other Admins and Moderators have been here.

I’m fairly confident that if XboxERA was ever gonna sell out, the staff and mods would at least be transparent with us ahead of time.

Thank you for building a better community!


@Shpeshal_Nick already sold out to his husband Jeff Grubb, who runs a Nintendo podcast with his extramarital affair Mike Minaughty.



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What a shame, it was promising…

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The game is not cancelled.

World of Darkness and Warhammer are the weirdest licensed IP.

LIke there’s SO MANY GAMES based on them, yet none of the big 3 really ever go for trying to make it a AAA game.

It’s like everywhere there’s a new console Warhammer game/spin-off and there’s been tons of Werewolf and Vampire games but there always AA experiences.

Why is that?

Like you would think a AAA Warhammer FPS or a AAA VttM or Werewolf RPG would sell gangbusters alone.

But’s it always AA games.

I didn’t think it was promising at all, the gameplay they showed looked absurdly broken.

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That’s the first person game?