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It is shame that Xbox does not have FF14 and Genshin Impact though. Just like with another smaller game that became popular.

I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that several successful online games did not come to Xbox. Moneyhat or not moneyhat. Something is odd.


The show that demonstrates that aspect best is the animated series, which to be fair is the definitive Batman :wink:.

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That’s what happens when you are living in the stone age. Why do they need this patch control process ? Elder Scrolls Online dropped a patch few weeks ago and all it did was constantly crash the game. Great control process, Microsoft.

agree 100%

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I loved Batman the animated series !


Seeing this quite sporadically in the last 30 mins -

In other news. This is actually almost as big as Google retreating to only HK.

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The neverending story. XD

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Thanks for the heads up. Investigating now.

Happy to help. Dell also has 10% off on Xbox gift cards if that’s more appealing to people.

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I did a thing.

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Didn’t they make a big deal about unveiling this like two days ago?


Some of those comics are dark as hell, I read Death in the Family as a youngster, that was crazy stuff. And the one with Bane is dark as hell too, in terms of violence as well.

Good news for Dying Light fans.


Hahahaha OMFG, and just like two months ago I completely finished this sucker.

That’s how it can go, such things.

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Did you play the expansion too?

Yes sir. :slight_smile:

I am fully ready for 2!

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This is exciting. I’ve read the book it’s based on and I feel the game might be better.

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Another game with a useless fps boost when it drops then

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