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Didn’t Apple TV come to Xbox first?

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The Batman movie had a test screening and there are plot leaks everywhere . I accidently got a glimpse of the ending .

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Wasn’t the screening for 3 hours or something lol?

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That’s a huge shame yeah.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing this movie after having read that according to test screenings people came out saying it felt like a horror movie at times, very dark. I can only say " let’s go" to that, sounds great.


yup . Its a full blown noir movie .

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Yeah that’s what I saw, which actually got me intrigued because Batman is one of the best detectives out there and he is not all lurking in the shadows and fights etc.


yup . Its actually kinda funny that Batman is the "world’s best detective " but we never got to see that aspect of him in any movies . :phil_lmao:

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Do we hear is inner monlogue, like “he comes at me like a frightened dog, who just wants to end things quick, one way of the other. My gloved fist cracks his orbital bone like a hammer cracks the crystal meth he had cooked no more than an hour prior…”


yes :phil_lmao:

Are we sure Sony hasn’t paid SE to not release FFXIV on xbox ?

Pretty sure yeah, considering that tweet i posted is a direct source from the director himself, and he wouldnt be lying. I feel like a key issue is gold, since final fantasy 14 isnt a free game (You have to buy the base game at $20 to be able to play and buy the expansions) people would still have to pay gold to play it plus their subscription.

I think SE want:

  1. Monetary incentive
  2. Direct access to patch this game without the Xbox control process
  3. Remove Gold requirement for their paid game.

Is this the same on PS ?

FF14 does not require plus on PS


Thanks for the heads up. I grabbed two. :smile:

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At least for the 2. and 3. point. I don’t think they need any incentive to put their games on Playstation.

I meant the 2 and 3 points as well . :phil_lmao:

As a massive batman comics fan that sounds cool.

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